This one thing changed the way I work out as a new mom, and ever since I changed this my workouts have been so much more fulfilling. Continue reading to find out what it is.

How Stopping This One Thing Changed The Way I Workout As A New Mom




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If you want to know my best advice for you when it comes to postpartum fitness, it would be this: stop setting high goals. The length of time doesn’t matter in the beginning stages of postpartum recovery. Rather, just be satisfied that you did a workout at all.

When it comes to postpartum fitness, it’s all about regaining the healthy habit back, not about how long you worked out.

Just doing something to get your heart rate up, something to burn your muscles and something that you, and I emphasize YOU, classify as a workout is all that matters at this stage of the game.


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Working Out As A New Mom Looks Different


Life has changed as a new mom. And life is never going to be the same. I say that in a positive light. Becoming a mother is a blessing, and it’s a sacrifice.

You have to give up a lot for your little baby, and that’s ok. Along with giving up your sleep, your freedom to go anywhere any time, giving up the pretty decorations and the sharp edges around the house, you are also giving up the ability to work out at your leisure.

Your home workouts are somewhat now dictated by your baby’s sleep pattern, eating habits and poop schedule.

It’s just all part of the new mommy lifestyle that we absolutely love to be a part of. So since we can all agree that mom life is not the same as life was before, we can see how there will be changes in our workouts.

Our home workouts will eventually get to the point of more consistent durations and routine schedules, but at this point right now in your life as a mom with a newborn, your workouts will be more focused on just accomplishing it rather than what you actually accomplished in the workout.

Focus On Commitment


I want you to focus on commitment. Focus on getting your workout clothes on, pulling your hair up in a tight pony and slipping on your workout shoes. The act of getting dressed in your exercise clothes primes the trigger to working out later in the day.

If you can get used to getting dressed in your workout gear, shoes and all, then you are more likely to carry through to the next big commitment — doing an actual exercise.

For most new moms, starting the workout is the hardest part: figuring out the order of all the exercises and making sure to do them safely.

It’s by far the biggest barrier to postpartum workouts. There is a big unknown factor sitting right in front of you. Not knowing what’s safe and not safe, how much is too much and when to begin are all common concerns for new moms.

Make Your Postpartum Workouts Automatic


Once you figure out some sort of game plan for your postpartum workouts, then there is less thinking required to get started and your workouts become more automatic.

The less friction there is to “getting started” the more likely you are to actually start.

Let’s get rid of all the friction, all the barries, and make your postpartum workout smooth sailing.


Postpartum Workout Schedule


So to recap, you want to have your workout clothes on and ready to go each day, you want to know what workout you plan on doing each day and you want to commit to checking off your workout calendar each and every single day you had planned for that week.

Did you commit to 3 workouts this week or 5? Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts are a great way to get started. But if you are looking for habit-forming routines, I recommend working out Monday through Friday without missing a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I know 5 workouts a week as a new mom is a lot. But if you just follow along with me, I want to explain something really important. 

It’s not about the length of time you do your workouts each day, it’s about committing to doing your workout each day you said you would.

If you commit to 5 workouts a week, then be sure to actually get on the floor, roll out your yoga mat and do something. There’s no guilt or shame for doing 1 set of leg lifts and that’s it. 

As a new mom, you’ll get interrupted, you’ll get distracted, you’ll be needed and your baby will want you to stop everything you are doing so you can attend to him. And that’s what you are going to do.

You are going to stop your workout, you are going to get up, run over to him and give him a big hug until he stops crying.

You may be able to go back to your workout as he joins you on the floor for tummy time, or you may have to call it a day and roll up your yoga mat. 

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Setting Healthy Workout Habits and Routines


I want to encourage you to not feel like time was wasted, that your workout was a flop and that you go nothing accomplished, because you did. You accomplished the act of routine setting and habit formation.

You telling your body to get on the floor and do leg lifts is you training your mind to love fitness and love your body.

If you can do that every day you planned to work out, then you are on the right track to mommy fitness success. And that, my friend, is an amazing thing.

Imagine 4 months from now, still getting down on the floor to work out and instead of doing legs lifts, you do squats, lunges and calf raises all in one bout.

Your baby is older now, and your baby is used to seeing you get your yoga mat out for exercise time. Your baby will learn to love to work out with you, and your baby will eventually develop healthy habits himself as a young toddler.

Your Healthy Habits And Your Choices Matter


Your habits and your choices matter, and it’s especially important for the trajectory of your child’s life. Don’t give up your dreams of working out as a new mom just because you couldn’t complete the entire routine.

Take baby steps along the way in your postpartum journey, and with each baby step you take you’ll just get one more step closer to accomplishing your postpartum fitness goals and a lifetime of healthy habits.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

*It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. and Jena Bradley, LLC will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

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