30-Day Ab Workout Challenge + Calendar: Postpartum

by Jan 26, 2021



This FREE 30-Day Ab Workout Challenge was designed by a physical therapist specifically for postpartum moms looking to get rid of the mommy tummy. Download your free ab workout calendar to help you tone and tighten your stomach muscles after having a baby.




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Due to popular demand, and just because I knew this would be an extremely helpful tool for postpartum moms, I have created a 30-Day Ab Challenge + Calendar: Postpartum Edition.

An ab-challenge is not only a great way to stay accountable to yourself, but it’s also a way to make progress at a safe pace with less room for injury.

And injury is something we definitely want to avoid after just having a baby.

It’s important that new moms like you take care of yourself so you can ultimately take care of your baby.

Your baby needs you, so be sure to strengthen your core in order to tolerate all the lifting and carrying baby wants you to do. 

For this Postpartum 30-Day Ab Challenge I will be progressing the amount of time you spend working on your abs each week. At the beginning it should be rather easy and not straining in any way, shape or form.

But with each progressing week, you will bump up the duration of each exercise by 10 seconds. For some of you this can be challenging and for others it’s just the right amount of progression their body is looking for.

postpartum 30-day ab workout challenge

The Best Postpartum 30-Day Ab Workout Challenge For New Moms


The first week consists of 3 minutes of floor exercises only.

Each of the 5 exercises will be performed for 30 seconds.

There will be one 30 second rest break in the middle of the group of exercises. For example, perform the first round of exercises (1, 2 and 3) for 30 seconds each, take a 30 second rest break and then perform the second round (4 and 5) for 30 seconds each to complete your 3 minute ab workout for the day! Not too shabby!

Every other day you will perform a different set of exercises.


Group A consists of:

1. Abdominal Bracing

2. Abdominal Bracing Alternating Arms and Legs

3. Abdominal Bracing + Heel Slides

4. Abdominal Bracing + Bridge + Straight Leg Raise (SLR)

5. Abdominal Bracing Bicycles


Group B consists of:

1. Abdominal Bracing Alternating Arms

2. Abdominal Bracing Alternating Knee To Chest (KTC)

3. Abdominal Bracing + Straight Leg Raise (SLR)

4. Abdominal Bracing + Bridge

5. Abdominal Bracing + Double Leg Lowers


Every other day you will alternate between group A and group B exercises to keep things fresh and exciting each and every day.



postpartum 30-day ab workout challenge

30-Day Ab Challenge Progression 


With each new week, you will progress by 1 more minute of exercising. 

So for week 2, you will perform each exercise for 40 seconds, for week 3 you will perform each exercise for 50 seconds and for week 4 you will perform each exercise for 60 minutes (with respective rest break times).

The final 2 days of the challenge you will be working out your abs like a pro. You’ll combine all 10 of the exercises (group A and B combined) for 30 second intervals and compete 2 whole sets. This will total up to be a complete 10 min ab workout! WOAH!!


I have intentionally created this postpartum 30-day ab workout challenge to help you progress comfortably each week with a variety of exercises that are challenging yet still enjoyable.

You’ll be extremely satisfied with your results at the end of the challenge and be prepared for more advanced ab training when month two rolls around. 

Key Features of the Workout Calendar:

1. Minimal time requirement each day, perfect for the busy mamas

2. It’s a slow, steady progression each week, building upon the strength that you’ve gained the week before

3. A variety of ab exercises helps you to not get bored

4. Exercises are specifically grouped for safe postpartum ab recovery

5. A routine that can be done anywhere and practically any time of the day


Who Is This 30 Day Ab Workout Challenge For?


This Postpartum 30-Day Ab Challenge is specifically for postpartum moms who are post 6 weeks childbirth and were cleared by their doctor to begin working out.

However, if you are more than a year postpartum, you will still benefit from this workout.

It’s even safe for someone who is not a mom but needs to safely rebuild their core strength at a beginner level.



So in summary this is for:

1. Someone who is looking to get started with ab training after being fully healed from childbirth

2. Someone who wants to get back into a steady fitness routine after having a baby

3. Has been cleared by the doctor during the 6 week postpartum check-up to begin exercising

4. Someone who has no residual pain after childbirth and no other complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.


But, this is not for the following people:

I do not recommend performing this ab workout if:

1. You are pregnant.

2. You are between 0 days-6 weeks postpartum. You should not be doing any exercise until you are cleared from your doctor at the 6 week postpartum check-up.

3. If you have a back injury.

4. If you have pelvic floor pain and/or dysfunction.

5. This is not for someone with Diastasis Recti.

Frequently Asked Questions About The 30-Day Ab Challenge

When Do I Start The Postpartum 30-Day Ab Challenge?

It may be easiest to start on the first of the month, but don’t feel obligated to do so.

You may begin at any time during the month, but be sure to take your one day of rest on the 7th day after you started your workout calendar.

The easiest way to track your calendar is to print it out, and cross off each day after your perform your workout. So each passing day you can see what you have done as you cross it off.

And if you happen to miss a day, it’s ok because there is one rest day built into your calendar. Switch the rest day with the day you accidentally missed and keep on moving along the calendar as scheduled.

Do I Need To Buy Any Equipment?


No, absolutely nothing is needed except yourself. You simply lie on the floor, preferably a soft surface like carpet and you can do your ab workout.

And if you decide you don’t like the feeling of your flooring, you can always buy a yoga mat which tends to be more comfortable. Keep your phone or a clock nearby so you can keep track of your time during your workout.

What’s Next?

1. Download your postpartum 30-day ab workout calendar and get instant access to the workout program.

2. Either print off the calendar, which is the preferred method, or take a snapshot of the calendar so you can quickly glance at it on your phone. If you print it off, it’s easier to keep track of your progress.

3. I also like to tape it to the wall near the area where I do my exercises so I can always have it visible. This way it is a consistent reminder for me to do my exercises daily.

4. Set an alarm on your phone for the same time every day to remind you to workout.

5. Ask a friend to join you in the challenge. Send them this link so they can also get instant access to the calendar and the private Facebook group where other women are joining in on this ab challenge together. We can all help support and encourage one another as we strive to live CORE strong!

6. Share your daily workouts with me by tagging @livecorestrong on social and ‘Pin’ the 30-day workout calendar on Pinterest so you can do it again if you ever feel the need to!

Important Tips To Remember:


If you feel you have pain and discomfort during the workout, stop and take a break. Attempt again and if you feel no pain, then continue. But if the pain persists, stop doing that exercise and attempt again the next day.

Keep in mind PAIN-FREE EXERCISE!!!

There is a difference between workout soreness and “fatigue” types of pain versus a straining pain that leads to injury. And be sure you know the difference and know how to recognize what’s going on in your body.

So be sure to progress according to the calendar and the way it’s mapped out; don’t skip ahead, and don’t add in more than what is written. 

This ab routine can be supplemented with your other workout routine, but try to avoid doing another ab program at the same time. Instead, focus on doing upper body, lower body or cardio workouts in conjunction with this ab workout calendar. 


More Important Tips To Remember:


Be cautious with each exercise, be aware of what your body feels like after you have completed a workout and how you feel the next morning. 

Be sure to maintain great form throughout each exercise. Always maintain a flat back throughout each exercise where you prevent your lower back from arching.

Basically, if you were to try to put your hand under you back while your exercising, you shouldn’t be able to because your back should completely be hollowed out and flat. That’s when you know you are doing it right.

Do not participate in this ab challenge if you suspect you have diastasis recti or a low back injury from pregnancy

Now have fun while doing it, put on your favorite song and lie your baby next to you for tummy time while you work out your abs!

Starting Criteria 


If you are 6 weeks postpartum and you were cleared from the doctor to begin working out, I recommend you start by learning how to do abdominal bracing correctly and mastering that exercise first before beginning this ab challenge.


I also recommend that you take the time to go through my 10 Postpartum Core Exercises that are included in this ab challenge first before jumping into the challenge completely. I want to make sure you can at least do 3-5 repetitions of each exercise safely and without pain before committing to this ab challenge all the way.  


So, if you attempt to do these 10 postpartum core exercises and find that you are struggling to do the first 3 reps, then you may need to slow down a bit and focus on mastering the beginner level exercises prior to starting this 30 day ab challenge. 


And when you feel you are ready and recovered fully from childbirth and your doctor has given you the “all clear”, then go ahead and sign up to get your FREE printable calendar for this Postpartum 30-Day Ab Challenge and continue reading to get some helpful tips and detailed explanations of the exercises included in the workout calendar.



 Descriptions of the Exercises



Abdominal Bracing


Lie on your back with knees bent (Starting Position), tuck in your belly as if you are trying to pull your belly button down towards the ground. 

It’s the same thing you would do if you were trying to “brace” yourself if someone was going to punch you in the stomach. Hold for 10 seconds, release and then repeat.

Abdominal Bracing with Alternating Arms and Legs 

Starting Position, perform AB and maintain AB while you lift Right arm and Left knee to chest and keep Left arm about 2 inches from the floor and R foot stays on floor.

Now switch arm and leg positions and keep alternating arms and legs while maintaining AB (tip: opposite arm and leg are moving up together).

Abdominal Bracing + Heel Slides


Starting Position, perform AB and maintain AB while you slide your Left heel up towards your buttocks, thus bending your knee.

Then return back to starting position by slowly sliding your heel back down. Perform in a slow, controlled manner. Once you complete a full set on the Left, repeat on the Right.

Abdominal Bracing + Bridge + Leg Lift


Starting Position but with Right leg straight in the air (same level as your Left thigh), perform AB and maintain AB while you push through your Left leg to lift you buttocks off the ground.

Your goal is to lift as high as you can tolerate while maintaining a strong and flat back. Hold position 2 seconds. Slowly lower back down to starting position and repeat. After completing one set, switch legs.  

Abdominal Bracing Bicycle


Starting Position, perform AB and maintain AB throughout exercise.  Lift both legs slightly off the ground with knees bent.

Then bring Right knee to chest and then switch positions so Left knee comes to chest while Right leg is lowered to starting position (with feet never touching the floor). Keep alternating back and forth like riding a bike.


Abdominal Bracing + Alternating Arms


Starting Position, perform AB and maintain AB while you lift Right arm over head and keep Left arm at side about 2 inches from the floor. Now switch arm positions and keep alternating your arms while maintaining AB.

Abdominal Bracing + Alternating Knee To Chest


Starting Position, perform AB and maintain AB while you lift Right knee to chest and keep Left foot on floor. Now switch leg positions and keep alternating legs while maintaining AB.

Abdominal Bracing + Leg Lift


Starting Position but place your Left leg straight and flat on the floor, perform AB and maintain AB while you lift your Left heel up towards the ceiling, keeping your knee STRAIGHT and only lift to the same level as your Right thigh (Right leg remains in starting position/knee bent).

Then slowly lower Left leg down to starting position. Complete a full set on the Left side, then repeat with the Right leg.



Starting Position, perform AB and maintain AB while you push through your legs to lift your buttocks off the ground. Your goal is to lift as high as you can tolerate while maintaining a strong and flat back. Hold position for 2 seconds. Slowly lower back down to starting position and repeat.

Abdominal Bracing + Double Leg Lowers 

Starting Position, perform AB and maintain AB throughout exercise. Lift both legs straight up into the air with knees straight.

Then slowly lower both legs together at the same time, heels together, as far down as you can tolerate while maintaining a flat back. Then slowly lift legs back up so the bottom of your feet are pointed towards the ceiling. Repeat exercise.

postpartum 30-day ab workout challenge


If you need more help with these exercises, you can always refer back to the video at the beginning of this post or check out my YouTube channel.

By the end of the 30 day challenge you will be able to perform 10 minutes of postpartum ab exercises without rest breaks.

Just think, you went from flab and fluffy to tight and toned in a matter of 30 days all while taking care of your little baby!

I know you can do it if you commit and stay determined.

You’ll be looking great, feeling great and ready for more advanced ab workouts after this. Can’t wait for you to complete this challenge!

So stick with me and join our private Facebook group where you will get encouragement from others similar to yourself who are going through this 30-day ab challenge.

I’ll be there in the group to help motivate you and answer any questions you may have.


This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.



**It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. Jena Bradley LLC, LiveCoreStrong.com and Jena Bradley will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

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