What To Pack In The Hospital Bag: For Baby

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Get the ultimate packing list for the baby’s hospital bag. Pregnant moms can have all of baby’s essentials packed and ready to go for childbirth when using this hospital bag checklist Free printable specifically for baby.

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You are pregnant, you’re getting closer to your due date and it’s time to plan out what goes into your hospital bag. You are a first time mom so you’re not quite sure what exactly your baby will need during the short stay in the hospital. Are you wondering what baby supplies the hospital provides for you and what you, as the mom, need to bring yourself?

Don’t worry because after reading this article you will feel relieved knowing that you have everything your baby needs. This ultimate packing list for the baby’s hospital bag will help you to stay organized so you don’t forget anything when packing. Also make sure you get your FREE hospital bag checklist for baby at the end of this post.

When To Pack Your Hospital Bag For Baby

Let’s play it safe and start packing at 36 weeks. No need to start packing in the 2nd trimester, even though you may be anxious to do so early on.

Since this may be your first time packing a bag for your baby in general, you want to give yourself plenty of time to plan this one out but you don’t want to pack too early because of seasonal changes and preference changes. 

Also, there’s always going to be that one item that you didn’t even think about packing and then all of a sudden you need to jump over to your phone and order it on Amazon. But the item might be on backorder or the shipping time is longer than you expected.

Let’s get prepared and pack your hospital bag for your baby 1 month in advance. 

Hospital Bag For Baby Essentials

You might have already planned out your hospital bag, and if you are really prepared you probably already gave your husband a checklist for his hospital bag. But did you think about your baby’s needs?

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Packing another bag for your baby is a good idea so that you are well prepared in the hospital. Now, don’t get me wrong, the hospital will provide you with a lot of baby essentials, but there are some items that mommy needs to take to the hospital herself.

Creating A Hospital Bag Packing List For Baby


1. Feeding Essentials

No matter what you decided to do, breastfeeding or bottle feeding your newborn, you will need to have some items ready to go for your hospital stay after giving birth.


  • Nursing Pillow
  • Bibs (3-5)


  • Burp Cloths (2-3)
  •  Nursing Cover
  • Nipple Cream

This is usually provided by the hospital but if you have a particular brand you like, than you want to take your own.


  • Nipple Shield

The hospital provides this for you but if you have a specific brand you want to try, then pack your own

  • Breast Pump

If you happened to have yours provided to you in advance, then pack yours, but sometimes insurance companies will not issue you the breast pump until your baby is delivered. Check with your insurance company.

  • Breast pump supplies

…such as bottles, shields, tubing, cleaning supplies, brush

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    2. Baby Clothing

    This is the fun section…when you get to pack all the little, tiny, adorable clothing items your baby got at your shower! If you are planning on dressing your baby in adorable outfits at the hospital, listed below are some clothing items you definitely want to pack.

    • Swaddle Blankets With Velcro (2-3)

      Jena’s Tip: Swaddling is one of the hardest things to master as a new parent so be prepared to become a pro with swaddling the first day if you want to get any sleep. The Velcro swaddles are a game changer for new parents. The baby will not be able to break free from this swaddle with a tightly wrapped and Velcro shut swaddle. Baby swaddled tightly = mommy sleeps better!!! If you were only to pack one thing for your baby, this would be it!!!

    • Onsies (3-5)

    This is also provided by the hospital but if you want to take cute pictures of your precious newborn, you might want to think about what he or she is wearing in those first baby pictures. You also may want to consider custom designed onsies.


    • Baby Socks (3-5)


    • Baby Hat(s)


    • Baby Girl Hair Accessories

    (specifically for Newborn Photo Shoot)


    • Wraps and Swaddles for Newborn Photo Shoot


    • Other outfit and accessory ideas for newborn photo shoot in hospital



    • Going Home Outfit

    This is a great idea for photos before leaving the hospital.

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       C. Baby Essentials


      These are great items to have in your diaper bag, ready to go for when you drive home from the hospital.

      • Diapers

      These are provided by the hospital but you may want to have your diaper bag stocked with plenty for the ride home.

      • Wipes

      Also have the diaper bag stocked with wipes for the ride home.

      • Baby blanket

      This is for covering up baby for the ride home 

      Items the hospital usually provides: baby comb, baby shampoo, nasal suction, diapers, wipes, hat, long sleeved onesie, nipple cream


      • Car seat, car seat base and extra car seat accessories

      Have extra padding/pillows. You can contact your local police or fire department – some will make sure the car seat/base is installed correctly/safely

      • Baby’s Name

      Hace the First, Middle and Last names written out on a piece of paper (correct spelling and all!!!) If you have not decided on a name, take the list of names with you.

      • Letter Board for Baby Announcement Picture Ideas

      Hospital Bag Checklist For Baby: Free Printable

      What Should You Not Pack In Your Baby’s Hospital Bag

      Sometimes we overpack, right? You don’t want to waste your energy or your precious time packing things that you don’t need the first 2-3 days your baby is born.

      Some things aren’t needed that early on and can just remain at home.

      For example, you won’t need a thermometer, nail clippers or other “baby toiletry” type items because the hospital will have that for you. Plus you don’t need to cut your baby’s nails that early anyways.

      You do not need multiple dressy outfits for your baby. Your baby will be plenty happy naked, swaddled and wrapped up close to you and your skin most of the time.

      Your baby will not need toys. All the toys you received at the baby shower can remain at home. Your baby will most likely be eating or sleeping throughout his or her stay at the hospital. 


      Mom-To-Be and Dad-To-Be Hospital Bag Packing List

      You don’t want to forget to take a look at The Hospital Bag Packing List For Moms-To-Be, which is broken down into 5 sections! Also, I have created an Ultimate Packing List For Dads-To-Be.

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      This article will help answer a lot of your childbirth questions related to preparation and planning.




      This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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