Motivational Monday Post 23: Confidence

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I will say I have struggled with confidence all my life. I remember being in PT school and being so timid when it came to my clinical rotations and actually working with REAL patients. My clinical instructor even pulled me aside once telling me I need to have more confidence in myself.


I know he was trying to uplift me but it was hard to hear someone actually say it to your face.


He was right though.

Being A Confident Mom Without Judging Others


Confidence is a really important trait to have, male or female, business woman or SAHM, mom of 1 or mom of 10!


We all have the capability to be confident in ourselves. But….let’s be confident the right way!


As moms, we easily get caught up in the comparison game.


“That mom feeds her baby this way.”


“That mom dresses her kids that way.”


“That mom spends her time doing these things.”


“That mom spends her money on those things.”


What good does that do for anyone? Not one ounce of goodness comes from comparing one mom to another.


Our quote for today is:

Confidence is not “I’m better than her” Confidence is “I’m Great, so is She”.

I love this quote because there is so much good in it!

All Moms Are Great In Their Own Way!


This quote is speaking so much positivity!


Yes, you are great!


You, as a mom, are fabulous for all you do. You should feel confident in your ability to raise a child, to manage your household, to do the work you do and to take care of yourself.


But let’s also be happy for those other moms who surround us. We all deserve to be confident in our own abilities.


What’s great about this quote is it’s saying that there is no reason to compare or compete, but instead, let’s be happy for her, the other mom.


A lot of moms either put themselves down for comparing themselves to those moms we idolize or they put other moms down for not being good enough.


I encourage you to steer clear of both!


Build yourself up and have confidence in your ability to parent and to be a great mom.


And also, if you are envious of another mom out there, it’s probably time to humble yourself and be proud of what a great mom she is.


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    Let’s Get Talking!


    Let’s start right now!

    Can you tell me something good about a friend of yours and the way she parents her children?

    Then follow up and tell me something that you are proud of about yourself as a mom.

    Comment below and let’s start the conversation in a positive and uplifting way!

    Keep Smiling,

    Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT

    This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


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    1. Melissa

      I love this so much! Comparison robs our joy and let’s us now that we struggle with confidence. When seek to edify others, we know that our confidence shines!


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