Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused on your workout, especially if you are all alone and in the comfort of your own home gym. When you are home, it’s your safe place.

Usually there isn’t a lot of pressure from anyone from the outside. Most of the time, you are your own boss. You can make the decisions for yourself, whether to workout now or push it off until tomorrow. The workout routine is set by you, and only you. No one is standing in your way, looking over your shoulder to get moving.

This could be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. Are you the kind of person who needs your best friend to text you everyday saying “Did you exercise today?” Or are you the woman who is self motivated and sticks to the plan and never breaks her own promise?


Can You Be Both?

Yes! I have noticed lately I’m a little bit of both. It’s always nice to have that accountability person to check in on you, give you a nudge and ask you straight to your face “Did you workout today?”. In my life, that’s my husband. He asks me in an encouraging way if I was able to fit my workout into my day. I ask him to check in on me and make sure I am sticking to my workout routine.

It’s easy to skip a workout if no one knows you skipped it. And then it’s easy to skip a whole week of workouts if no one knows you skipped it. It’s even easier to not workout for an entire month, if no one knows you haven’t been working out. And so on and so on, you get the picture.

But maybe you are not that kind of person. Perhaps you are focused and consistent with your workouts. Are you someone who says they are going to do something and then you feel guilty that you didn’t do what you said (even if you just said it to yourself)?

I am that way sometimes. If I set my mind to it and I commit to something, even if no one knows about it, I feel like I owe it to myself to do what I promised I was going to do.

When it comes to committing to a workout schedule, it can be hard, especially as a mom with a schedule that never really sticks to the schedule that was planned. You know what I mean?

Having the drive to stay focused on your workout takes practice. If you are all alone and working out in your home and you continue to lose focus on your workout, try this strategy.


Time To Use Your Imagination!


Pretend there is one of those crazy, intense personal trainers walking around your house, like the ones on The Biggest Loser. When you get to your workout spot in your home, imagine that personal trainer is standing right beside you the entire time you are working out. You could even print out a large picture of your favorite celebrity personal trainers head shot! Sounds crazy, but it really works. Having a visual is a great reminder of what we want to accomplish.

Every time you look or think about that personal trainer being in the room with you, you should be reminded of the focus and effort you should put forth in your workout.

Don’t just do one push up, lie down on your belly, rest, look at your phone, and then do another push up. (Ha, that’s an example of what I have done sometimes) Well, now, I say NO to that!!!!

That’s not what a productive workout is about. Maximize your time, that short, valuable time that you have to better yourself. Get up and exercise so intensely that your imaginary personal trainer would be impressed by all that you completed in such a short period of time.

Stay focused on your routine, never lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish and don’t let distractions and laziness get in the way. Again, your time is valuable. Losing focus can waste so much time. Commit to your workout and get it done!

I hope you feel motivated after reading this. I would love to hear from you about your workout struggles or workout successes! If you have any questions, I am always here to help. Comments and questions are always welcomed below.

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT

*It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Perform exercises at your own risk.

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  1. Jessica Grote

    I’ve noticed for me it’s all about mondays. If I can start the week right I’ll work out all week but if I miss that Monday workout I’ll miss the whole week.


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