Looking for healthy smoothie recipes that are easy and quick to make? Start with these 7 superfood smoothies to fuel your day.

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If you are looking for healthy snack recipes that go beyond carrots and celery, then you will enjoy these easy and quick recipes that will satisfy you between meals.

Snacks are meant to be for “on-the-go” most of the time, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. Packaged snacks are typically not healthy, not satisfying and can leave you hungry for more food. Thus, this can cause overeating throughout the day and weight gain.

If you are looking for healthy snack options that are packed with protein and will curb your cravings until the next meal time, then definitely continue reading to get the top 7 healthy snack recipes for a quick and easy small meal. 


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1. Strawberry Smoothie

I absolutely love this smoothie recipe because it sneaks in some ingredients that other strawberry smoothies don’t have and makes this even more nutritious. It does have bananas which I know some do not like. If you want, you can completely omit the bananas, and this smoothie will still taste just as great.

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2. Best Green Smoothie

Yep, I will have to agree with the name. This is by far the best green smoothie.

Why? Because of the ingredients and the sweet flavor that’s created when combined. It doesn’t taste like you are eating straight from the leafy garden.

It has a smooth consistency to it so it is enjoyable to drink. The ingredients are something you can have on hand in the frig and freezer all the time, so this is definitely a smoothie you’ll be making often.

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3. The Best Chocolate Protein Shake

Ok, let’s just pretend it’s a chocolate milkshake, but the good news, it’s not. It’s a smoothie, a healthy one too. With the cocoa powder you’ll get that chocolatey taste that goes so well with the rest of the smoothie ingredients. Definitely check it out, and you’ll be surprised how healthy this actually is. 

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4. Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Smoothie

Have you ever heard of a Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado smoothie before? Me neither, but the combination sounds delightful. Who doesn’t love mint in their smoothie? And we all know mint chocolate chip ice cream is a crowd favorite; this is just like that except with no added sugar!

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5. Vanilla Protein Smoothie

This creamy smoothie has a hint of fruity flavor to it, but its vanilla flavor makes for a delightful treat. The good news is, you don’t have to feel guilty drinking this because it’s packed with protein. This healthy vanilla smoothie is great for breakfast or a post workout snack. 

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6. Peach Breakfast Smoothie

If you love peaches in the summertime, definitely stock up on them because you are going to absolutely love making this smoothie. 

The combination of cinnamon with the peaches is so delicious. And the great thing is it doesn’t take more than a couple minutes to make. 

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7. Perfect Berry Smoothie

Berry smoothies are among the most popular. This one is by far the best because of its creamy texture. You can combine any variety of berries you want and mix it up from time to time. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries strawberries, try them all. 

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Healthy Snack Recipes

If you are looking for other healthy snack ideas besides smoothies, you’ll definitely want to check out this list of the top 7 healthiest snack recipes that are easy and quick to make. Even when life gets busy, you can still eat healthy. Have these healthy snack recipes help you along your healthy mama journey! 

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7-Day Lean Legs Challenge-7 Minute Leg Workout

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