Struggling to work out as a new mom? Find out how I, a mom of 4, was able to work out as a busy mom going through postpartum recovery. 





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Working out as a new mom is by far one of the hardest things to get accomplished in the early months of postpartum recovery.

You as a new mom are getting very little sleep. You are learning how to feed your new baby and whether that’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding, both are challenging and quite time consuming.

Your body is still recovering from the aftermath of childbirth and your life is in disarray, so to speak, because you are caring for a new life.

What a blessing that is.

But let’s be honest, finding the energy to work out as a new mom can be so challenging.

I want to give you inspiration and motivation to not give up but to push through and work towards your goals of becoming a fit mom.

I found it hard to find energy to work out with each of my 4 babies. But one thing is for sure, I knew what NOT to do. When it came time to work out postpartum, I never pushed myself too hard. I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself to accomplish unrealistic goals too early after just having a baby. 

Within months of having my baby, I finally got a rhythm down to my postpartum workouts. It wasn’t easy at first, but eventually I got into the groove. 

Want to know how I was able to work out with each of my 4 pregnancies? Here’s what I recommend…

Don’t Put The Pressure On Too Early


Take the first 6 weeks off after having a baby. This recommended by many doctors, and it’s also good for putting your mind at ease during an ever changing period of postpartum recovery.

Using the first 6 weeks to focus on letting your body heal. Teaching your baby to nurse and figuring out sleep wake cycles is more important than working out the first 6 weeks.

Your mind will feel less pressure and your body will thank you for resting and healing. 

Take Baby Steps


It’s important to understand that you won’t be doing hour long workouts at this stage of the game.

It takes time to build up.

Starting off with simple and short workouts early on postpartum is the best way to go.

With each passing month, build on your time, and eventually it will get easier for you to do longer workouts.

Your baby will continue to grow and sleep longer which will give you more time to work out.

It’s a slow progression, but eventually you’ll get to do the workouts you have been wanting to do. 

Get Your Spouse On Board


Your husband is the closest person to you. He knows what you are going through being a new mom with little sleep, low energy and hormonal changes.

He’s the best person to recruit as your motivator.

Sign him up as your weekly accountability partner.

Ask him to check on you once a week, or even daily if you are both motivated and make this a partnership where he won’t let you quit.

Continue reading to the end to see what other fun suggestion I have for the both of you to stay accountable.

Incorporate Your Baby Into Your Workouts


It’s going to be quite hard to find a moment in your busy day to work out when you are not on “baby watch”. Your baby is going to be with you most hours of the day, so you might as well get used to working out with your baby.

There are so many mommy and me workouts you can do. I recommend finding a simple workout where you are comfortable having your baby either on you or beside you.

Get Plenty Of Sleep


I think this is by far the biggest reason why new mamas can’t get in their workouts. They are exhausted.

Running on empty all day long makes it harder than ever to get motivated to work out.

So make it priority #1 to get sleep. Whether that’s training your baby to sleep as early as 2 months old or scheduling yourself a nap every day at the exact moment your baby starts napping. Whatever you do, find time to squeeze some extra shut eye in.

Put On Cute Workout Clothes


You don’t need anything fancy or expensive, but just putting on cute workout clothes makes you feel good.

Find something other than your normal loungewear for your workouts.

Put on a workout outfit that feels good and fits you well!

I love Old Navy and Target athleisure wear. You can also find some good items on Amazon, no need to go out to shop, just get it prime- delivered.

Find Good Music To Pump Up The Mood


I found the early stages of motherhood got rather lonely, especially when you are home listening to baby music all day long. Take this time for yourself to put on the music you love and get your energy and enthusiasm up with a good beat. This will put you in the mood instantly, even when you are feeling groggy.

Eat High Energy Foods


Ok, cooking and spending time in the kitchen is quite the challenge with a newborn. But when you get a break, a quiet moment, use this time to meal prep and make high energy snacks to give you a boost in the middle of the day.

You’ll definitely want to check out this list of the best pre-workout energy foods.

Change Your Mindset

All in all, don’t make working out an “option” but a “must-do”. There’s no skipping, no matter what you feel like.

You have to set your mind on it, and don’t skip out. Stay committed, and do it even if you don’t want to.

I always say, “Make an appointment with yourself, and don’t cancel your appointment.”

Get your husband involved, and make a deal with him. You have to pay him $X amount of dollars every time you miss your appointment to work out.

For example, you agree to pay your husband $20 every time you skip your workout. If you truly stick to your word, you’re less likely to want to skip out on your workout and pay him.

If you are ready to make the change and start committing to your postpartum workouts, start small. Take baby steps with postpartum friendly workouts.

This 10-Day Total Body Challenge is a great starting point. It’s completely geared towards postpartum mamas. You can join the challenge here.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

*It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. and Jena Bradley will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

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