Looking for the safest postpartum ab workout program to do after pregnancy? Learn expert tips and exercises from a physical therapist and mom of 4 who knows what it’s like to be busy with a newborn. 




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You still look pregnant even though you are well into your postpartum recovery. You are not alone.

So many new moms who just had a baby are going through postpartum recovery feeling like they are still pregnant on the outside even though they are not on the inside.

You are holding your newborn baby and as she is growing in your arms; your postpartum belly continues to be lingering rather than shrinking.

Every ounce of you, including all your time and energy, is going towards the nurturing care of your newborn. It’s hard to imagine how you, as a new mom, running on empty, can even think of putting the time and effort into losing the postpartum pooch.

When do you even begin, how do you start and what exercises do you start with?

These are all common questions that new moms face as they stare down at their mommy tummy that just doesn’t seem to be naturally disappearing.



Why didn’t anyone teach me what to do when I left the hospital?

This is the same question I asked myself when I was discharged from a prestigious hospital after I had my first baby.

Safe Ab Exercises After Pregnancy

I’m a physical therapist, and I didn’t even know what to do with my stretched out stomach after giving birth. These questions came to my mind, and I felt lost.

I was home alone with my baby, not knowing how to take care of my baby as a new mom. The confusion about my body made me feel even more lost and caused me to question what was going to come of it after each passing month. 

I had to do something about it. I needed to figure out a plan to feel like my normal self again.

I spent time researching and learning the right way to exercise my core now that I was a new mom.

Incorporating my physical therapy background into my new research really helped me hone in on the perfect postpartum program. It worked, and I was shocked how quickly I was able to get my stomach to be flat again after just having a baby.

Since I had such great success with my first pregnancy, I did the same program with the following 3 pregnancies. With each pregnancy I saw the same success. 

physical therapist

How To Get A Flat Stomach After Having A Baby

Other moms asked me what I did for my postpartum workouts. They noticed how quickly I was able to restore my core while they struggled for months upon months after they had their baby.

That’s when I realized that there’s a lack of education for pregnant and postpartum moms when it comes to postpartum recovery.

I knew it was simple to get a flat belly after having a baby, and I knew what exercises are most effective at getting this job done. However, I didn’t know how many other moms were unaware.

I thought, “If only they knew what exercises to do, when to do them and how to execute the plan throughout the 4th trimester – then they would have the same success as me!” 

I want you to have the same success that I had with all 4 of my pregnancies. So, I have created Postpartum Abs Simplified.

How Do I Make My Tummy Flat After Delivery?


If you have been asking yourself, “How do I make my tummy flat after delivery?”, then I’m glad you asked. The answer is doing a series of exercises that are safe which target the deep inner muscles of your stomach and slowly progress them one step at a time.

I’m a physical therapist, and I teach this exact postpartum exercise strategy in my course Postpartum Abs Simplified. I teach you which exercises work and which exercises to avoid. And the best part about it is that it only requires you to work out less than 10 minutes a day.

Just imagine in just a few weeks (spending less than 10 minutes a day) you could have your pre-pregnancy body back and feel normal again!

What Ab Exercises Can I Do Postpartum?

After pregnancy, it is not safe to do just any ordinary ab exercises postpartum. You can risk injuring yourself and having serious side effects if you do the wrong postpartum ab exercises.

Being a physical therapist, I have seen this way too often: new moms doing the dangerous postpartum ab workouts.

Because there is a lack of information out there for new moms who are looking to start doing ab exercises after pregnancy, I created a step-by-step program for postpartum moms to follow.

the #1 way to flatten your belly after having a baby

Postpartum Abs Simplified is a 10 week course that is specifically for new moms looking to get their postpartum abs back, stronger than ever.

It is designed based off of my physical therapy education and background in which I incorporate specific exercises that target the deep inner muscles of your abdomen thus tightening your core and aligning your rectus abdominis muscles back to their original position before pregnancy.

If you are looking to transform your core back to your pre-pregnancy body in the easiest, simplest and safest way possible, this is the course that will do that.

You don’t need to leave the hospital worried about how you are going to get rid of the mommy tummy, because everything you need to know is included in this course.

What Do You Learn In Postpartum Abs Simplified?



Postpartum Ab Exercises 101: You’ll get trusted physical therapy advice on when the safest time is to start repairing your postpartum abs and what is the best way to get started on ab exercises after having a baby.


Easy Time Management & Scheduling Strategies: You’ll learn from a busy mom of 4 the best strategies and tips for time management so you can find extra time in your day to easily schedule fitness into your new mommy lifestyle.


Proper Progression & Safe Routine Timeline: Take the guesswork out of it, and follow along the program with each progression mapped out clearly and easily for you to make safe gains and see progress each step of the way.


Mindset & Motivation Specifically for Moms: With the right mindset and having a clear focus on what you are seeking to achieve, failure is not an option. Successfully reach your postpartum fitness goals with motivation and affirmations.


Healthy Habits & Medical Hacks: Get exclusive physical therapy training as it relates to moms and postpartum health. Postural training and body mechanics are just a few of the bonus lessons as these topics have a direct relationship with the core.


Quick & Simple Core Workouts: The core of the program is the weekly workout routine. With each workout being less than 10 minutes, your abs will be repaired, toned and tightened in only a matter of 10 weeks.  Video instructions make for a simple program to follow.

What’s Included In Postpartum Abs Simplified?


If you are wondering what’s included in Postpartum Abs Simplified, you’ll find that you get way more than just a list of exercises to do postpartum. You get access to an entire program that will help you stay on track and successfully achieve your final transformation of getting your pre-pregnancy body back.

What’s included in Postpartum Abs Simplified is the following: 

✔ 10 Week Postpartum Ab Workout Video Lessons 

✔  Mindset and Motivation Coaching

✔  Learn Healthy Habits & Hacks

✔  Utilize The Pyramid Method

✔  Time Management Strategies

✔  Goal Setting and Implementation

✔  Core Strengthening and Progression


Plus you’ll receive these bonuses:

✔  Private Facebook Group

✔  Printable Workbook

✔ Workout Calendar

✔  Daily Affirmations

When Do You Start Exercising After Giving Birth?

You’re ready to finally get started…to get that mommy tummy gone for good.

But when do you start exercising after giving birth, and what are the first exercises? Is what I am doing for postpartum exercise safe? Is it going to hurt me, and am I doing enough?

In this course, there’s no guessing. I put together straightforward, simple and easy to follow workouts to guide you every step of the way along your postpartum journey starting from day 1.

You’ll leave with a new body, a strong core, confidence and a renewed self- worth with energy levels that will make other moms wonder what type of coffee you’re drinking.

Let’s get ready to bring your pre-pregnancy body back.  Are you ready to commit? It only takes 10 weeks and 10 minutes a day to get your pre-pregnancy body back and feel like yourself again. Enroll in Postpartum Abs Simplified here.

How Do I Sign-Up For Postpartum Abs Simplified?




To learn more about enrolling in Postpartum Abs Simplified and how you can start repairing your abs after pregnancy now, click HERE.


The sooner you start postpartum, the better the results and the quicker your recovery will be.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

*It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. LiveCoreStrong.com and Jena Bradley will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

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