Learn how you can quickly and safely regain your postpartum core strength easily through Dr. Jena’s signature Postpartum Ab Simplified program that takes less than 10 minutes a day to complete.

postpartum workout plan




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You just gave birth to your first born baby. Everything is absolutely perfect. Your baby is healthy. You, mom, are healthy. Your husband didn’t faint in the delivery room. Your body is sore, but it doesn’t matter because your baby is snuggled up in your arms, against your chest, perfectly content, warm and well.

The doctors give you a great Apgar score, and you’re finally able to breathe for the first time knowing that from this point on everything is going to be ok.

Life is good.

You waited 9 months for this moment to arrive, and it finally arrived. You couldn’t be happier and are so overjoyed with a mix of emotions running all around you. 

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Best Moments


These are the best moments of our lives as moms. And it’s important to cherish these moments, each and every one of them.

But I do know that the road does have its ups and downs from this point on.

So many challenges, good and bad, come your way as a mom.

And that’s ok.

That’s what makes us stronger, more resilient and more fierce as  women.

You can do it.

You are determined to be the best mom, and I know you will be

mom holding baby

The Tool Box


Sometimes though, we leave the hospital with an empty tool box. 

What do I mean?

I mean, we need to have all our tools ready for the projects that lie ahead. 

Projects such as learning how to nurse your newborn.

Learn how to calm your colic baby.

Learn how to soothe your baby in the night when all else fails.

Learn how to change the diaper when the blowout was far beyond the neck line.

Learn to decipher the rash that doesn’t seem to match the images on your Google search.

Learn to install the car seat that seems impossible to strap in.

All these projects, mama projects, require a tool in the toolbox to help remedy the situation.

ab exercise on physio ball

Your New Mommy Tummy

Well, one project I did not mention yet, was postpartum core strengthening.

You might be thinking, “Oh yeah, I do need to do that but with all the other things I have to do, I don’t know how I can manage to even think about exercising now that I have a baby.” 

Well, follow me for a moment back in time, and let’s imagine yourself in the hospital after having a baby.

What if your doctor told you that it’s not hard to fix your postpartum stomach muscles and that it only takes a few exercises for less than 10 minutes a day to get your postpartum belly to look back to normal?

Would you be excited to learn about that?

What motivates you to want to give it a try?

Your mommy tummy, the excess baby weight that is lingering after pregnancy, could be gone with little effort. 


planner and pen

A Step-By-Step Plan


Imagine your doctor giving you a step-by-step plan to help you strengthen your core muscles and repair them after they have been stretched for 9 months.

Then your doctor said, “Take this information and save it until you’re 6 weeks postpartum. Follow the plan, and do it for 10 weeks.

It only takes 10 minutes a day and requires no equipment at all.

Just lie on the floor and follow along with the workout videos, and your stomach will look the way it did pre-pregnancy by the time your baby is 4 months old.” 

Light bulb goes off!

Imagine what it would feel like to hold your 4 month old baby with no excess baby weight on your hips! Imagine slipping into your favorite pair of jeans, going out with your friends to lunch for a mom’s day out with the kiddos and rocking it in your new #momlife.

Your confidence would be shooting through the roof and the people around you can sense the joy (and peace) you have as a new mom.

Feeling confident inside and out can really spread to all those who surround you. Your baby will sense it, your husband will sense it and life as a mom is just so good. 

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Postpartum Core Strength

I wish when I was in the hospital getting discharged on day 3 with my baby in the car seat that some doctor would have told me what to do with my postpartum belly because I went home thinking it would go away on it’s own.

And I was thinking it would be gone in a matter of days. I was wrong. I was naive, and I didn’t have a clue.

No one told me what to expect with my stomach after pregnancy. I wish someone did. If I knew there was a way to get my core strength, my energy and my confidence back by following a simple ab program, I would have done it in a second.

But since I didn’t know of anything out there, I didn’t know about what exercise I should do to fix my abs and tighten my belly muscles. I decided to create one myself.

postpartum abs simplified

How Do I Tone My Post Pregnancy Belly?


I’m a physical therapist, and even as a trained medical professional, I didn’t know what exercises to do to best regain my core strength after pregnancy.

So I decided to do a bit of research, and with some trial and error, I created my Postpartum Ab Simplified program.

After experiencing 4 postpartum recoveries, I mastered the perfect program to quickly (yet safely) restore the core muscles in the most effective way without stress and burnout. 

postpartum abs simplified

My 3 Stage model helps new moms, like you, to progress quickly to reach your postpartum ab strength goals and, ultimately, regain your pre-pregnancy body so you can feel like YOU again.

This is not a weight loss program but simply a program that focuses solely on strengthening the core.

You know your muscles don’t feel and look the same ever since your baby entered this world.

Well, now’s the time to get them back.

Get your muscles stronger and then, ultimately, your entire body will follow its lead. I encourage new moms to focus on one thing, one area at a time, as to not get overwhelmed with “all the things”.

The core is the most important area of your body to focus on when it comes to strengthening because without a strong core, the rest of your body does not function properly.

And with a strong core, the rest of your body does function properly, giving your body stability and proper alignment.

If you believe the core is the most important area of your body to strengthen and you know your core muscles are in need of repair postpartum, I encourage you to learn more about Postpartum Abs Simplified. My 10-week postpartum ab course takes less than 10 minutes a day to fully restore your core muscles after having a baby.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

*It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. LiveCoreStrong.com and Jena Bradley will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

postpartum workout plan

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