From PT Mom of 4 To Thriving Fitness Mom Blogger: My Blogging Story

by Jan 12, 2021


Get to know Dr. Jena on a deeper level. See how her life has evolved beyond what she had ever imagined and learn about some exciting new things ahead! 




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I never would have ever imagined that I would love to write so much. My SAT scores were on two different sides of the spectrum, with writing being towards the lower end.

The math score was in the upper 700’s while my writing and reading scores were in the low 500’s.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed math, but writing and reading never peaked my interest.


Because I liked to move around my entire childhood and never enjoyed sitting to read a book. Reading and writing were always challenging, and I struggled throughout school and even into college.

So I am utterly surprised that I have been writing as much as I have been over the past three years. I now write for the blog nearly every day between my blog posts, social media posts and other necessary content creation that’s required with blogging.

But the crazy thing is, I now love it so much. It surprises me every day I blog how the words just flow through my mind and into my fingertips to eventually end up on the screen in front of me.

I have, however, always liked to teach and explain processes in detail so that the person I am speaking with fully understands what I’m trying to explain. So with that, it comes naturally to me to write down my thoughts when I’m trying to teach something to someone.

And I sure do love to teach other women about motherhood and everything that comes with it.

Even my career involves me teaching my patients how to exercise properly to heal themselves and ultimately feel better.

When combining all these skills together, I have found that my love for physical therapy, my passion for mommy life and my strong will to help others all intertwine to work so smoothly through my blog, Live Core Strong.

Physical Therapy 


My entire life, I have always been active, on my feet, running around and bored with anything that was stationary. As a young girl, I worked for my mom as a mini assistant at her office job doing some filing and alphabetizing. At that point I knew I did not want to have a desk job the rest of my life.

At least I had that decision made up rather early!

As I went into my teenage years I became very interested in fitness (just in the comfort of my own bedroom). I loved watching workout videos, and I did them regularly. I was passionate about it, and I knew that I wanted my career to be centered around health and fitness. 

I went to college to become an athletic trainer, but early in my training I realized it wasn’t the right career path for me. With my mentor’s help and recommendation, I switched majors to become a physical therapist. This was a life changing decision for me.

Physical therapy in more ways than I can explain was by far the best career for me. I loved everything about it. I graduated and worked in many different branches of physical therapy. I knew that physical therapy would be a job that I could continue to pursue while growing my family and becoming a mom.

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    Mommy Life


    Several years into my marriage, I gave birth to my first daughter which made me the happiest mom.

    I loved being home with my newborn baby and learning everything I could possibly learn about mommy life. Being a mom was completely foreign to me though. I hadn’t spent much time around babies let alone take care of one prior to me getting pregnant.

    I spent my time at home with my newborn reading lots of books and soaking my brain with every possible piece of information I could so that I could have confidence in myself that I was doing the right things as a new mom.

    Once I become rather comfortable with the whole mom thing, I felt the urge to return back to the workforce – not entirely but just for a few hours a week so I could keep my skills fresh and have some adult interaction throughout the day! 

    I went to college for 7 years, and I just did not want to let all that hard work go. I had always planned to return back to work after having babies as long as a family member could take care of my kids.

    And I am blessed to have the opportunity to work when my husband is home early from his job so he can watch the kids when I go out.

    Now my life is a combination of being a mom and physical therapist. The combination works well for me. I get tons of quality time with my girls, and I get that adult interaction and intelligent conversation with my patients that I so desire to have throughout the week. I love coming home from work to my kids running after me screaming, “Mommy!” It’s the best feeling.




    You might be wondering how I have time to blog when I’m taking care of my 4 kids and working part time as a physical therapist. Well, I’m a focused and driven person. If I set a goal and write it down, I will do everything in my power to get it done. If I have a vision of what something could become in the future, I will work as hard as I possibly can to make that possibility a reality.

    And that’s what I did with the blog.

    When I first learned about blogging (from Abby at Just A Girl And Her Blog) and how blogging can become a business, I was amazed at all the possibilities and how I could be a valuable asset to the blogging world.

    I started to do some research to see what kind of content is out there for pregnant and postpartum moms when it comes to safe fitness tips and exercises. I found very little, and not many physical therapists are taking the time to get involved in blogging. All the more reason for me to start!

    I continued to think back to when I was pregnant for the first time and going through postpartum recovery with my firstborn. There were so many unknowns. If I, a physical therapist, didn’t know what to do with my body during postpartum recovery, then there must be probably thousands if not millions of other new moms in the same boat. I wanted to help these women with my knowledge and expertise.

    My training in physical therapy combined with my 4 experiences of pregnancy and postpartum sets me apart from so many bloggers and so many Google searches.

    My ultimate goal with my blog, Live Core Strong, is to teach as many moms as possible how to live a healthy life throughout their motherhood journey through exercise and proper education.

    I want to be the person that other moms can go to for advice; someone they can fully trust and rely on. I knew I could do that easily through a blog and in the comfort of my own home. So that’s what I did.

    It took hours upon hours for me to learn what a blog was, how to create one, how to set up a website and how to get a URL. Plus, I decided to go out on a limb and create a YouTube Channel to go alongside the blog.

    All this was completely brand new to me. I knew nothing about social media or writing. I learned everything from the bare bones up. But it was thrilling, and I immediately developed a passion for it. 

    It was hard to get the blog out there for people to see; there were a lot of unknowns and a lot of “what ifs”. But like I said, if I have a vision for what I want something to become, I will work hard until I get there. And I am so thankful for where I have gone so far!

    I am so thankful to the 10,000+ followers who have found me over this past year and a half that come to me for advice and tips on pregnancy and postpartum fitness.

    I have put myself out there more than I ever thought I would, but I did it for the mom who needs that extra encouragement or that push in the right direction. 

    I never thought my lack of interest in writing during my school years would ever lead me to writing a successful fitness mom blog for millions of moms to see.

    Now the blog helps women decide what pregnancy exercises to avoid, how to give birth naturally while being fearless and pain free, which postpartum belly wrap to buy and how to find time to work out as a busy mom with kids.

    While blogging, I have developed this strong community of women who have the same passion and desire for fitness in their lives, even while being a mom.

    The two, fitness and mommy life, do not have to repel each other, but I want to teach you that the two can completely live side by side. I’m living proof. And I want to encourage you to be able to do the same with your life.

    Course & eBook


    With the success of my blog and the growing community that was born from it, I’m excited for the next step in my blogging journey. 

    With the huge interest in postpartum recovery from my blog followers, it was imperative that I create a course and write an eBook to address one of the most commonly questioned topics: how to restore your abs after having a baby. 

    I named my blog Live Core Strong because my first blog post that I ever wrote for the blog was about gaining a strong core after having a baby with my favorite postpartum ab exercises. I knew there was a huge need for this information on the internet. Good content was just not out there to easily find.

    Many moms asked me on a regular occurrence about how to lose the baby weight and how to get a flat stomach after having a baby.

    I had a system in place that I used 4 times with my pregnancies, and it worked.

    It worked every time.

    However, I knew that other moms didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know what to do first, when to do it, how long to do it for and when to progress. I knew that these new moms needed help. So I wrote my first eBook: Postpartum Ab Rehab: The Simple 12 Week Program To Safely Restore Your Core.

    And then I created a course that is an extension of the book. My course Postpartum Abs Simplified will transform your core back to your postpartum body in the easiest, simplest and safest way possible.


    In this course, there’s no guessing. I put together straight forward, simple and easy to follow workouts to guide you every step of the way along your postpartum journey starting from day 1.

    You’ll leave with a new body, a strong core,  confidence and renewed self worth with energy levels that will make other moms wonder what type of coffee you’re drinking!

    I couldn’t be more excited to have both of these amazing resources out for moms to enjoy. I created the course and the book, because I want new moms to feel confident that they know exactly what to do with their bodies after having a baby.

    Be sure to snag a FREE sample chapter of Postpartum Ab Rehab below.

    Get Your FREE Sample Chapter of Postpartum Ab Rehab

    Learn exactly what exercises you should be doing during the 6 week postpartum wait.
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      This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.



      **It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. Jena Bradley LLC, and Jena Bradley will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

      About Dr. Jena Bradley
      About Dr. Jena Bradley

      Jena is a mom of 4 darling little girls, a physical therapist and founder of Live Core Strong, a blog focusing on motivating moms to live a life that incorporates fitness and fun throughout their motherhood journey.  She aims to be the friend you always wanted to have who could guide you through the “fog” when faced with an “I don’t know what to do” mommy moment. At the most inconvenient time of her life, she embarked on a journey of sharing her story and expertise to inspire the next generation of healthy moms. You can learn more about Jena by visitng her ABOUT page. 

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