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Did you feel like you were going full force at the start of the year with these amazing  killer workouts and now that weeks have gone by, you’re starting to drift? Are you skipping workouts, maybe not finishing the entire workout you had planned, or maybe even just doing half as much effort as you once were? Today’s Focused Friday post will help give you that encouragement to focus on what you first had envisioned when you entered into 2019-improved health.

Are you with me?

Was that you? Are you 1 in 5 people who set a New Year’s Resolution to be more healthy? If so, then you will definitely want to continue reading. If that wasn’t you, I want to help encourage you to switch gears so health is a priority in your life this year.

Becoming Healthier This Year


There are so many ways to be healthier (check out this post on 7 tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle), but  right now I am going to focus primarily on exercise.


If you are working out at home, do you feel alone, like you need someone beside you to give you a nudge to “get up and keep going!”?


I know I do! I work out at home, and when I’m in the basement working out alone, for me it’s pretty unmotivating! Ugh, I feel like there’s no power in my workout. It’s nice to have someone there for that added encouragement and boost.


Sometimes my husband and I workout together if our schedules align, and those workouts are always more intense and flat out more fun! You can imagine why.

Get A Workout Accountability Partner Now!

So with that said, today’s focus is on finding a workout accountability partner. I know, that sounds hard and you may ask yourself a lot of questions. Who can I ask that will commit to working out with me? Do any of my friends like to workout as much as I do? Or maybe you are thinking “my friend is in far better shape than I am, she’s going to torture me during my workouts”. Are you thinking how on earth are we going to find time to workout together with our busy mom schedules and kids activities?

Let’s put the excuses aside and have fun with this so we can make it happen. Is there someone in your life that likes to workout? It could be anyone, they don’t have to live close by.

Do you think the both of you could wake up early and workout together via facetime? If not in the morning, maybe late at night after the kids are in bed?

Or are all of your kids in school and you could join a gym together? Right after school drop off, you skip right over to the gym and have your girl time on the treadmills beside each other?

Maybe the both of you would do better with an online workout where you both stick to the same routines and workout challenges, then give each other a call to keep each other accountable?

There are so many ways to work around excuses, so I encourage you today to think of someone who can be your workout partner. Focus on getting your schedules to match so that you can commit to at least one workout a week together. This is a great way for the both of you to stay accountable to your fitness goals.

The focus for today is not only sticking to your workout routine but also focusing on the importance of how healthy relationships/friendships can help you achieve your goals faster. Do you have someone already in your life who has been a huge encouragement to you? What do you like about that person so much and how do they help you the most? I would love to hear your comments below.

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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