Find out how to get rid of your C-section pouch and how to flatten your tummy after having a C-section. Learn the 6 steps to take after having your newborn baby via cesarean birth.


how long should I wear a postpartum belly wrap

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You just had a baby via cesarean section, and you are wondering how to get your flat tummy back.  After having a newborn baby via cesarean section, you are sent home with an incision and postpartum pooch. How do you get rid of the C-section pooch?

Most new moms don’t know where to start. They are afraid they are going to hurt themselves or ruin the incision. But does the C-section pooch ever go away? The answer is yes! I’ll explain how in this article and what you can do to get a flat stomach after having a C-section. 

How To Get A Flat Stomach After Having A C-Section

You just went through 9 months of pregnancy and now you are looking to quickly get rid of the postpartum C-section pooch. It takes time. Our bodies do not bounce back with the snap of a finger. Our bodies as new moms need time to recover, heal, repair and return back to the way they used to be.

First, I recommend coming to the understanding that your body will go back and you will get a flat stomach if you want it to. But you have to be consistent, patient and focused. It takes work, and it takes discipline. It doesn’t just happen on it’s own.

I’m a physical therapist, and the way I like to look at postpartum recovery is in a rehab approach. We are rehabbing our bodies as if it went through trauma. And in your case, it did. You had a C-section. You experienced trauma to your muscles, skin and surrounding tissues.

You will need to rehab your stomach back to normal. Let’s talk through this in steps as I guide you to get a flatter stomach after having a C-section.

Step 1

Step 1 is allowing your body to heal. Don’t jump right into exercise, dieting or intense cardio routines. Rest, relax and put your feet up. Let the swelling go down and allow your body to recover. Learn my best tips for natural postpartum recovery healing in this list.

Step 2

Step 2: Invest in a good quality postpartum belly wrap. Having a belly wrap is the key to giving your stomach compression which allows for the swelling to go down and your uterus to contract.

You will get the added support from the wrap which gives you comfort and lets your muscles rest more throughout the day in the early stages.

Learn more about postpartum belly wraps here. And you can check out my favorite postpartum belly wrap, the Belly Bandit belly wrap, review here.

Step 3

Step 3: Start moving in gentle, stress free ways. Begin to walk more on a daily basis, listen to your body and only do what your body will allow it to do. Don’t push it. Getting up on your feet more is only the beginning of what’s to come. 

Start by walking 1 minute continuously throughout the day by setting a 1 minute timer. I know it sounds silly to walk for 1 minute, but this will help you develop the habit of physical activity. Then the next day, set your timer for 2 minutes of walking in the house, or outside if the weather is nice.

Then on the 3rd day, set your timer for 3 minutes and so on. Progress by 1 minute every day or every other day and eventually you will be walking for 15 minutes continuously and feeling a lot better.

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Step 4

Step 4: Breathe. Get in tune with your body and work on deep belly breathing. This is relaxing and soothing, but it’s also a great way to start activating your core muscles in a safe and stable way. 

Have you ever heard, “Smell the roses and blow out the candles?” That’s what you need to do to breathe correctly. Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly blow out through pursed lips like you are blowing out candles. Do 5 repetitions, and you’ll feel better.

Step 5

Step 5: Get clearance from your doctor to begin exercise. This usually takes place at your 6 week postpartum check-up, so be sure to ask your doctor if he or she does not mention exercise. Once you get clearance, it’s on to your first workout!!

Step 6

Step 6: Start the Postpartum Ab Rehab program and follow along each step of the way as I, Dr. Jena, a physical therapist, teach you which exercises to do and which exercises you shouldn’t do for postpartum tummy recovery.

I walk you through each exercise in a systematic order with progression that is safe and effective. Learn more about what other moms have to say about the Postpartum Ab Rehab program or jump straight to the program details here

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

*It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. and Jena Bradley will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

how long should I wear a postpartum belly wrap

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