Belly Bandit Review: Postpartum Belly Support For A Seamless Look

by Nov 20, 2019


Looking for a postpartum belly wrap that actually works and feels great? Find out more about the Belly Bandit in this review that describes the cost, fit, comfort, user experience, the seamless look and more.


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Having postpartum belly support, such as the Belly Bandit, is definitely the smartest decision you will probably make with your postpartum recovery journey.

It’s not easy to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy weight or shape after giving birth, and it’s known that postpartum wraps assist with reshaping your belly and support your uterus during the time it is shrinking back to its normal size.

I know there are a lot of different postpartum wraps out there on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. I used the Belly Bandit for only one of my four pregnancies, but I wish I had used it for all four of them. Continue reading to get my entire review of the Belly Bandit and how it compares to other postpartum belly wraps on the market.

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What Is A Belly Bandit? 

The Belly Bandit is a postpartum support wrap that is worn after giving birth to a baby to help support your abdominal region and uterus and help reshape your body.

This wrap, along with all postpartum belly wraps, are not a weight loss product and will not help you to shed fat. It is specifically for reshaping and assisting you to draw your belly in, realign your abdominal muscles and help with proper contraction of the uterus.

With proper diet and exercise, a postpartum belly wrap, such as the Belly Bandit, will definitely help you to recover more quickly and improve your body image.

The Belly Bandit company describes their products as:

“belly wraps that help slim and support your belly, waist, and hips post-pregnancy”

image above represents my sister-in-law’s results with the belly bandit

My Experience Wearing A Belly Bandit

I had just delivered my first baby and had not purchased any kind of postpartum wrap. I actually didn’t have much knowledge of them at all. I had vaguely remembered my sister-in-law having one, so I asked her if she still had hers. I wanted to wear something for my newborn photo shoot. She still had it, and I borrowed it for the first several months of my postpartum journey.

I was absolutely amazed at how well it worked. It somewhat instantly flattened my stomach. (Just so you are aware, I had gained about 22 lbs during my first pregnancy, which is on the lower side for pregnancy weight gain. The Belly Bandit did not help me to lose weight but primarily helped with body shaping.)

I felt more confident than ever when going out in public wearing the Belly Bandit. I was especially pleased with the way I looked at the photo shoot. It was very flat and almost seamless under my clothes. No one knew I was wearing one.

Well, I gave it back after I fully recovered, and I wish I had bought one for myself. My sister-in-law needed it for her next pregnancy so I bought a cheaper postpartum belly wrap on Amazon. Well, the new product did not measure up to the Belly Bandit. If I could go back in time, I would have bought a Belly Bandit for my second pregnancy, because I ended up having two more pregnancies after that (for a total of 4 babies)!

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So let me dive a little deeper into what specifically I like about the Belly Bandit and give you a clearer understanding of how it works.

Belly Bandit Review

The Fit


The Belly Bandit is a straight fit! It wraps around in one easy attachment and is tightly snug up against your body.

There is no room for bunches or slippage. The Belly Bandit securely stays in its place and never rides up.

The material is extremely stretchy but also very restrictive. It’s the perfect combination of support and comfort. It’s not extremely rigid where you can’t bend over to pick something up. The Belly Bandit is flexible enough to bend with you when you sit to nurse and hold your baby.

And since it’s so seamless, it doesn’t bulk up and make for an awkward hold when you cradle your newborn.  Speaking of seamless, let’s talk about that next.


This is one of my favorite features because the Belly Bandit cannot be seen under your clothes when wearing a casual outfit.

Many times I would be out wearing it and people would compliment how great I looked after having a baby and never once did they ask what kind of wrap or postpartum belt I was wearing. They honestly had no clue. They just thought I naturally was skinny after having a baby.

When I ended up telling some people that I was wearing a wrap, they were honestly shocked because they had no clue! I even wore tight fitting clothes and it looked great under them. 

Some other products have two or three layers and are bulky under clothes. Some wraps have multiple straps that can easily be seen under a top. The Belly Bandit attaches in the front with one straight line at the seam (but I often wore it off to the side of my waist).


Ease of Use

The Belly Bandit does not require multiple steps to secure it in place. It does not require a hook and eye closure like the Bellefit, which is very time consuming when taking the garment on and off.

But the Belly Bandit is attached quickly with one easy velcro strip that runs vertically. Quickly and easily separate the two ends by pulling away from the velcro and within seconds reattach to the velcro to realign.

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It’s definitely beneficial to wear a wrap that’s quick and simple to put on because when you are busy taking care of a newborn, the last thing you want to worry about is spending several minutes trying to put on a belly wrap.


The Belly Bandit is meant to adjust as you continue to lose weight and come down in size during your postpartum recovery journey. When you first start wearing it, you can wear the Belly Bandit at the widest range. As your belly begins to shrink, you can tighten it at the velcro seam to make it more form fitting and give that added support you need as you get closer to your size goals. 

Size Options


Some postpartum wraps are a one size fits all, but the belly bandit is meant to be more customizable which means you’ll get a better fit. There are multiple size options to choose from. They offer sizes ranging from Extra Small to XL.



In summary, the Belly Bandit is an excellent choice for a postpartum belly wrap that is priced mid range compared to others on the market. But just remember, it is priced extremely well for the quality you will receive and that quality is superb. 

The results are real. When using this product correctly, you will definitely get amazing results in your midsection when combined with proper nutrition and exercise that is regularly incorporated into your lifestyle.

The comfort and fit of this product out performs all other postpartum belly wraps and girdles on the market with it being seamless and smooth.

The Belly Bandit is easily adjustable and can easily be sized to fit all body types. Any new mom who has purchased a Belly Bandit would honestly say this is their best postpartum self care purchase of all. To simply sum it all up, I would like to say one final thought –  I wouldn’t go without it as a new mom, and I hope you don’t either.

So now it’s your turn, what did you think about the Belly Bandit? Comment below and leave your review. Give us your honest opinion.


Keep Smiling,

Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT



This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.



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