Are you looking for the best postpartum workout to do after having a baby? Here you will find everything you need for a successful postpartum fitness journey plus a list of the best postpartum workout videos.





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If you are wondering what postpartum workout is the best postpartum workout, that means you are ready to get serious about your postpartum fitness journey.

Postpartum fitness is something to not take lightly. It’s not as easy as hitting play to any Beach Body video, and you definitely don’t want to just jump right in to any of your old workout routines from before conception.

You want to make sure that your workouts after pregnancy are geared specifically for a postpartum body.

If you are serious about getting your pre-pregnancy body back and wanting to do this postpartum workout thing right, then keep reading to get my physical therapy recommendations on what makes the best postpartum workouts.

The best postpartum workouts will include the following:

1. Core Rehab Is Priority #1

You don’t want to neglect your core after you have a baby. You stomach muscles have been stretching out for 9 months, and it’s your job to put them back in the right place.

Yes, our bodies naturally will realign our rectus abdominis muscles (our 6 pack muscles), but with effort, your abs will return back to their normal place quicker and easier.

When doing a postpartum workout, make sure you find a core workout that is specifically geared for postpartum women.

Do not do workouts with a lot of crunches or sit ups. This could be very dangerous early on. Rather, find a postpartum core rehab routine that is safe to do after having a baby.

Postpartum Ab Rehab is a book written by me, a physical therapist, specifically for postpartum women who want to strengthen their core safely after having a baby. You can get a free chapter here.

2. Slow And Steady Progression

The best postpartum workouts are not quick fixes but a slow and steady progression to the program. You want to take baby steps towards full postpartum recovery. This is the safest way and the best way to prevent any injury or pain from occurring to your body.

With slow and steady progression within the workout routine, you’ll be able to monitor how your body tolerates each exercise and better understand which exercises are too hard or too easy for your body during postpartum recovery. 

3. Cardio Must Be Included

It’s time to get up and get moving again. Towards the end of your pregnancy, with the excess body weight, it may have been hard for you to get your heart rate up with cardiovascular exercise. The added weight can cause our bodies to move more slowly and walk at a pace that doesn’t really challenge our cardiovascular system.

Now’s the time to start getting back into cardio. Your body is lighter now that you are postpartum, and you’re probably motivated to get that excess baby weight off. Cardio exercises are a quick way of accomplishing your goals. And cardio workouts are wonderful for relieving stress. 

4. Strengthening The Upper Body With A Focus On Endurance

We can’t neglect our upper body during a time when we need to rely on our arms the most. Taking care of a newborn baby can take a toll on our shoulders, our wrists and our hands.

You need good endurance to tolerate holding your baby for hours upon hours throughout the day.

Standing and rocking your baby to go to sleep and holding your baby for feedings can be quite exhausting.

But with a good upper body program that focuses on endurance training, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to take care of your baby with less fatigue.

5. Lower Body Toning + Pelvic Floor


Your lower body is probably hurting after childbirth. But it won’t be like that forever.

It’s time to get back what we once had.

Be sure to take it slow at the beginning and gradually build up your lower body strength with gentle leg exercises, preferably Pilates type of exercises (or non-weight bearing, meaning lying down). These are a great way to start light. Once you have some experience with postpartum leg exercises, progress to a standing postpartum leg workout

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Keep in mind that your lower body also includes the pelvic floor muscles (the muscles deep within our pelvis). These muscles were the most important ones during childbirth and most likely need some fixing. Continue reading to find out how to work these muscles specifically.

6. Know How To Do Kegels

Doing a Kegel exercise is the best way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth. If you are not sure what a Kegel is, it’s a muscle contraction of your pelvic floor muscles which feels like you are trying to stop the flow of pee during urination.

If you try doing that right now, you’ll feel a slight contraction deep within your pelvic floor. This is a Kegel.

Doing this type of contraction as part of a postpartum workout program is so important to fully restore the function of your pelvic floor after pregnancy.

7. Relaxation and Stretching

Finish up any workout with a good postpartum stretch sequence. I especially love this for postpartum moms, because it’s a great time to relax and reset your mindset after your workout is done. Postpartum depression is at an all time high. Combat that with a stretch and relaxation routine tied to the end of any postpartum workout.

Bonus: Mommy and Me Workouts

If you just can’t find the time to do postpartum workouts because your baby is with you 24/7, no worries. There are plenty of safe postpartum workouts you can do with your baby. These are called mommy and me workouts. You can do the workout with your baby in your carrier attached to you. You can do the exercises while holding your baby in your arms and using the added weight of your baby as a way to progress your workout. Also, you can do your workout routine on the floor while your baby is doing tummy time. There are lots of creative ways to get your baby involved. This is a great time to bond. Here is one of my favorite mommy and me workouts to do with your baby. 

Best Postpartum Workout Videos

If you are looking for the best postpartum workout videos that are free to access, I recommend you check out this list of the 10 best postpartum workout videos on Youtube.

These postpartum workouts are taught by highly trained professionals and are completely safe to do after you are cleared by your doctor to work out postpartum. See the list of the top 10 best postpartum workouts here.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

*It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. and Jena Bradley will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

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