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Want to know what the #1 doctor recommended products are from Belly Bandit? Belly Bandit is all about solution-based maternity and postpartum support recommended by doctors. This is a brand you can trust. They put out the best quality products for postpartum and pregnant moms. If you are looking for the best, let’s start shopping here.

In this article we will be reviewing the top products that Belly Bandit has to offer that doctors love to recommend to their patients. I’m a physical therapist, and I highly recommend these products. Let’s get started. 


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S.O.S. Sleeper Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

We all know as a pregnant mom how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep. Let’s change that right now and the way you can do that is by investing in a S.O.S. Sleeper Pregnancy Wedge Pillow which perfectly fits around your pregnant belly to give you the support you need and a good night’s rest. Let’s catch up on the ZZZ’s now before baby comes around.

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Original Postpartum Belly Wrap

Currently priced at just $49.95, this is a steal when it comes to postpartum support and compression. Compression garments are a must have when it comes to healing your postpartum pooch, and as a physical therapist who helps women restore their core strength after pregnancy, I always recommend snagging a postpartum belly wrap to help speed up their recovery. The quality is perfect. Learn more about Belly Bandit’s postpartum belly wrap here.

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V-Cool Hot & Cool Perineal Gel Pack

The pain, well, it’s bound to come after giving birth vaginally. So let’s cool things off with the perineal gel pack. It will definitely keep the pain away after childbirth. It comes with 10 disposable covers and 2 soothing gel packs. Specifically designed for postpartum discomfort, pelvic pain and more.

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V-Sling Pelvic Support Band

Swelling, it’s not just for your ankles and feet, but also can happen in the pelvic area. Need some support as your belly grows? The V-sling pelvic support band is perfect for that. There’s nothing else like this on the market, and if severe pelvic pain is something you suffer from, I highly recommend this product.

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Maternity Compression Tights

Yes, pregnancy comes with a whole lot of swelling, like I just mentioned above, so why not combat that with compression? These maternity compression tights are no joke. They are designed with graduated, medical grade compression to improve circulation and help prevent varicose veins. Varicose veins are not just unsightly but can cause permanent damage if not treated properly. Let’s just prevent them from coming all together and wear compression leggings. You won’t regret it!

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Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Band

Like I said, I’m a physical therapist and this Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Band is top of the line for back support during pregnancy. Back pain is the #1 complaint we see in the physical therapy office when it comes to pregnant women. You don’t have to suffer in pain throughout your pregnancy as your belly grows. Get the support you need to relieve your back pain by wearing a support band. And bonus!! This wrap comes with a hot and cold pack.

*Belly Bandit is the premiere FDA Registered Medical Device brand in Maternity Support Products and Postpartum Belly Wraps and Corsets (as mentioned on Belly Bandit’s website)

#1 Dr. Recommended Pregnancy And Postpartum Products From Belly Bandit

And the great thing is they offer FREE shipping on all orders over $50. Ready to shop and save? You can start shopping for this doctor recommended collection and so many more products here on Belly Bandit’s website.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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