23 Moms Reveal How To Experience Childbirth Like A Pro

by Jul 17, 2019

First time moms looking for childbirth advice, whether it being for a natural childbirth or one with an epidural, will benefit from hearing from these stellar moms who have gone through it themselves. Find out what their best advice is before you go into labor and ultimately deliver your baby like a pro!

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Whether this is your first pregnancy or maybe it’s your 4th, every woman can benefit from another woman’s advice, especially when it comes to childbirth. There’s no reason to go at it alone.

If you are unsure of what to expect when it comes to childbirth, then you will really want to soak in the following 23 childbirth tips. These moms, who share their heart about their most cherished moment of their lives, want you to know one thing that is so important about childbirth. 

When I asked these women to share their advice with you, I asked them to give me their number one best childbirth tip for new moms. Of all the possible tips that they could have given, they chose the following that are listed below.

These moms want you to know that childbirth does not need to be a scary experience but a moment in your lifetime that will forever be special. 

I applaud you for taking the time to look deeper into this post and become more educated, more aware of what childbirth is all about. I encourage you to not be fearful but to be optimistic and excited. A big day is about to come, and let’s make it a great one.

Enjoy reading 23 childbirth tips from moms who really want to help you as you move further along your pregnancy journey.

23 Moms Reveal Their Best Tips For Childbirth

Epidural Childbirth Tips

Marissa LaBuz

Marissa LaBuz

Just Simply Mom


My biggest advice for childbirth is to ask the nursing and medical staff questions and stay updated on your progression.

During my first delivery, there were a lot of issues with heart rate and blood pressure, and I felt like the doctors and nurses weren’t informing me enough on what was going on. I wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly, so I felt the need to ask a lot of questions.

I wanted them to explain what the machines were telling them, what my vitals were reading, what the baby’s heart rate was, how dilated I was, etc. It made me feel more in control of my own labor that way.

Renee Baiano

Renee Baiano

Simply Snapping


I had an epidural with all three of my children. With my first child, I wanted to try for a natural birth. Unfortunately, I had back labor and the pain was intolerable. Do not feel guilty about getting an epidural. It made my labor and delivery a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. With my following two children, for me, the epidural was a fantastic, painless option!

Antonia Napier

Antonia Napier

Bottles And Scrubs


I was induced and had epidurals with both my girls, but each labor was so different.  With my first, I was induced for 24 plus hours with no pain relief offered and progressed very slowly.

With my second, I was given an epidural before induction, and delivered 11 hours later only pushing twice.

I really believe that having the pain relief, and being able to relax and rest while my body was working vs being stressed, tense and in so much pain, made my labor progress so much faster!

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    Rigel Celeste

    Rigel Celeste

    Holes In Your Socks


    Know what you want (as far as your birth plan goes), but be open to the unexpected. Childbirth rarely goes exactly as planned! I went from aiming for a natural birth to getting an epidural because I was so exhausted to needing a c-section because it turns out my baby was 10 1/2 lbs! But here we are, healthy and happy, and I’m none the worse for it. ❤️



    Mama Buzz Blog


    As a first time mom, I learned that no matter how prepared you think you are, you also need to open your mind for possible outcomes.

    I have been active for the most part during my pregnancy, and I joined prenatal childbirth classes and prenatal yoga .

    I didn’t have pregnancy related concerns but at the end of the day, I knew I had to prepare myself if an emergency c-section is advised.  As long as both mom and baby are safe, your childbirth is still the greatest story you’ll ever have.



    Half Stay At Home Mom


     Just because you’re going to have or have had an epidural birth does not mean you’re not strong. I’ve had three epidural births, and I feel great about them. Things don’t always go as planned during labor, so just do the best you can!



    Real Mom Recs


    I knew I would most likely want an epidural during labor, but I wanted to try and hold off as long as possible to minimize interventions and complications.

    My best advice would be to learn pain management techniques even if you are planning on having an epidural! Sometimes it takes a long time for the anesthesiologist to come administer it and you will be in a signficant amount of pain while waiting. Other times you will be told it’s too early or too late to get it.

    In my case, I took a birth class and learned breathing and relaxation techniques. The MOST helpful thing was my husband applying counter pressure on my back with each contraction. It took away at least half of the pain and got me through the first 8 hours of labor without medication.



    Just As I Am Now


    Your voice should be the loudest one in the room. Not just because of all the grunting, groaning and screaming, but because your voice matters the most. Trust your instincts! Know that you have the right to decline anything, both interventions and medications, that you don’t want, as long as it’s not blatantly putting you or your baby at risk. Do your research before hand, educate yourself, and develop your ideal birth plan, along with a back-up (because nothing ever seems to go as planned!) If you are a soft spoken, avoid confrontation like the plague kinda girl like me, enlist people as backup. Have people in your corner who know exactly what you want, people who are willing to stand up for you when you need them. Whether it be a doula, your husband or a friend, have them there.

    As far as the labor itself, the biggest thing that helped me with labor was focusing on my breathing. By taking slow, deep, deliberate breaths with each contraction, I was able to stay relaxed and allow things to open up. 

    Also concentrating on one contraction at a time is helpful. Knowing that as each contraction passed I was one step closer to meeting my baby.

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    Kate Martin

    Kate Martin

    Blog: Kate Martin


    Be flexible. I wanted nothing more than to have a natural birth. I wrote out a birth plan that included minimal medical intervention, letting me walk while I was in labor, and just letting my body do what it was made for.

    I had to have an epidural when I developed complications and it looked like I was going to possibly need an emergency C-section – and it was either get the epidural or be put under general anesthesia and I wasn’t about to miss my daughter’s birth! Ultimately, how the baby gets here is not important – a healthy baby is what matters.

    Niomi Lindfors

    Niomi Lindfors

    Stellar Wellness


    I had 4 babies in 4 years! 1 in London and 3 in Sweden. I’m expecting my 5th in July.

    1. Practice deep breathing everyday. Inhale 4 counts, exhale 8 counts
    1. Have positive affirmations written and posted around the room. (ex. I am calm and confident, what my mind believes, my body will achieve)
    1. Ignore any negative birth stories from the media or well meaning friends, and surround yourself with positive birth images. Visualize your perfect birth but keep an open mind.

    The above tips especially breathing, positive mindset and being in water, pool or shower helped me the first 48 hours of contractions!

    Leslie Baker

    Leslie Baker

    Super Mom Picks


    My number one tip to any mom who is hoping to get an epidural before the pain becomes intolerable is to let your nurse know that you definitely want an epidural as soon as you can have one.  This is so important since you need 2 IV bags of fluid in your system before you can get an epidural.

    Speaking from a hard lesson learned, those IV drips take forever to get into your body! By letting your nurse know your wishes you can ensure that when you are ready to relieve the pain, you won’t have to wait longer than necessary.

    Amy Motroni

    Amy Motroni

    The Postpartum Party


    Go into your childbirth experience with a loose plan of what your ideal situation would be. Then remember that you only have so much control over everything. It’s great to make a plan but also understand that your baby and your body have their own agenda sometimes. Part of motherhood means learning to let go a bit and realize that we only have so much control in most situations from here on out!

    Remember that all that matters in the end is that you have a healthy baby and healthy mama! The rest is just details.

    And also, get the epidural as soon as you think you want it. Don’t try and be a hero and wait for a certain number. Just get it and enjoy the relief! 

    Natural Childbirth Tips

    Jessica LeBrun

    Jessica LeBrun

    On Moxie And Motherhood


    I have breathed my way through three all natural childbirths now. For me, the key was to focus on each contraction as something good, because it’s getting me closer to the end of labor.

    I learned between my first and second babies that keeping your body relaxed rather than tensed up, even during contractions, makes everything easier and avoids a lot of muscle soreness later.

    As a contraction would come I would simply take deep breaths in and out, and wiggle my fingers and/or rock my legs back and forth, or sway if standing, to avoid tensing up my body. Doing this along with listening to music and stayed focused worked for me!

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    Heather Langley

    Heather Langley

    With Coffee And Chaos


    The best thing I did to help me achieve an all natural birth at home was to get in the right mindset.

    This was what was going to happen and I would not have another option.

    I also read Ina May Gaskin’s books and she teaches breathing through contractions with a relaxed mouth and jaw so your perineum can also be relaxed to open.

    Low moaning and making sounds through labor helped me handle the pain of contractions!!

    Taylor Anderson

    Taylor Anderson

    The Mama Lade


    My labor lasted 3 hours and this was my first baby! I dedicate a lot of that to preparation before hand. Bouncing and doing hip rolls on a birthing ball during third trimester opened up my hips, strengthened my pelvic floor, and got baby into alignment. I highly recommend visiting a chiropractor trained in the Webster Technique during your pregnancy to help with alignment as well!



    Simply Well Family


    My best advice for the woman who wants to have an unmedicated birth is to get through each contraction, one at a time. Focus on the contraction you are having at that moment. Find a position that works best for you, then moan, groan, and breathe through it. When you feel like you just can’t do it anymore, know that you are doing it! One contraction at a time, YOU ARE DOING IT!



    Love Every Aspect


    So the biggest thing that helped me was my husband would watch the contractions monitor.

    He would tell me when a big one was coming and instruct me to breathe through it.

    It honestly helped control my breathing and not tense my whole body.

    Christine Keys

    Christine Keys

    Blog: Christine Keys


    I was able to have natural childbirths with all three of my children.

    The first piece of advice I would give would be to keep moving. As long as it doesn’t tire you out too much, stay on your feet or at least in a semi-upright position. It’ll help baby get into the optimal position for birth.

    And secondly, count how many breaths it takes to get through a contraction. When you’re having a contraction, focus on your breathing, and it’ll help you get through it.



    The Cave Mom


    Stay physically active during your pregnancy! Not only does it make the pregnancy easier (hello, energy boost!), but it prepares your body for an easier natural birth. And it helps speed recovery afterward!  

    My fourth pregnancy was the first time I was very active (I walked and lifted weights 3x a week), and that birth was short (2 hours active labor!) and the recovery was a breeze compared to the others. Keep moving!

    Amber Oliver

    Amber Oliver

    Look What Love Made


    Set your environment in a manner that makes you feel calm and relaxed; hanging affirmation cards around the room, candles, birth safe essential oils, dimmed lights, a music playlist etc.

    The most important tip I can give is choose your birth team wisely.

    Don’t feel obligated to have a ton of people in the room or choose people because they are family and friends. Choose those who will be there for you solely, who won’t add stress to this experience, and will be ready to advocate if potentially necessary during the process.

    Stephanie Iraggi

    Stephanie Iraggi

    Mama Shark


    I have given birth naturally twice, and my biggest recommendations are:

    1. Invest in a doula.  They are worth every penny- even if you have a supportive partner/spouse/friend.

    2. Educate yourself.  Fear causes pain.  So know what to expect and your options so that you can minimize your fear of the unknown. 

    3. Love yourself!  Your mental tape (the way you talk about yourself to yourself) will have a huge impact on your ability to stick with it.



    Motivation For Mom


    Don’t just expect to go with the flow, be prepared for childbirth.

    Educate yourself, and decide what YOU want your birthing experience to be like.

    I wish I would’ve been more educated about natural childbirth and pushed for an unmedicated birth, but I just sat back and did as the doctors directed.

    Don’t just sit back!

    Learning as much as you can will not only make you more confident in your decision, but it will help lessen the fear that comes along with childbirth. 

    Jena Bradley

    Jena Bradley

    Live Core Strong


    When you are nearing time to deliver your baby, my best advice for you is to trust in the Lord for He has given you strength to birth your baby.

    Believe that you are capable and able to push and that your body was made for this. Have no fear, but have faith that your childbirth experience will be one of great reward and not struggle.

    Focus your thoughts on holding your baby for the first time and how special that moment will be. And with each and every push, you know you are getting closer and closer to meeting your brand new child. You’re almost there, finish the race and push hard until the very end!

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    Childbirth Advice For New Moms


    No matter which way your childbirth story turns out, one with an epidural or without, your baby will be blessed to see mommy’s eyes for the first time. Ultimately what matters most is that you are confident in your abilities as a woman and that you and your baby will get to meet and feel each other’s loving touch.

    I pray that your pregnancy continues to be a healthy and comfortable pregnancy over the next few months and for you to get the much needed rest that you need leading up to delivery day.

    I want to leave you with this quote:

    “Be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

    2 Chronicles 15:7

    I encourage you to continue to be educated when it comes to childbirth and be prepared. My two favorite posts for preparing for childbirth are Do You Know The 7 P’s For Successful Childbirth and How to Be Fearless During Natural Childbirth.

    These two articles are a surefire way to feel confident in whatever comes your way during childbirth.

    Keep Smiling,

    Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT

    This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


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    About Dr. Jena Bradley

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    1. Stellar Wellness Niomi

      Great article full of childbirth tips. Something for every mum to be and important to remember that however your birth goes, you are a hero for bringing life into this world. I am 39 weeks with my 5th!

      • Jena Bradley

        Ni, I’m so excited for you. You are a STELLAR mom for raising 4 children and now going on your 5th!! A lot of women can benefit from tips from you for sure!!

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      Awesome tips from other moms! I love how it turned out! Thanks for making me part of this post!

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      Love this so much! Great post. I love how you broke it out. Very happy to be a part of this group of moms sharing real life advice!

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        Jessica, so many moms will benefit from your wonderful words and advice you contributed to this post. Thank you!


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