This is the one question about postpartum belly wraps all moms want answered. You’ll find the answer here.


how long should I wear a postpartum belly wrap

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I have been wearing postpartum belly wraps for a long time. I have had 4 babies, and I wore a postpartum belly wrap with 3 out of 4 of my postpartum recoveries. I have done a lot of research, and I also have learned a lot from trial and error.

Along with my background in physical therapy, I was able to use my training to help make clinical decisions when it comes to wearing a postpartum belly wrap the right way and avoiding wearing it the wrong way. 

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I have found that a lot of my followers have the same recurring questions when it comes to wearing a postpartum belly wrap. These moms have found little outside help through Google, YouTube and the actual product sellers.

Moms, new and experienced, are starting to realize how important a postpartum belly wrap is, but they have questions. Actually, most women really have just one important question and can’t seem to find the answer to it.

How long do you wear a postpartum belly wrap?

Moms don’t seem to know the answer to this question when they buy a postpartum belly wrap product. It’s not written anywhere on the instructions or listed on the product’s website.

But I am so glad they have come across my blog posts or my Youtube channel to get the correct answer.

How Long Do Should You Wear A Postpartum Belly Wrap?

The answer to this question is 2 days postpartum to 4 months postpartum.

This is a small window of time and, unfortunately, a lot of postpartum women don’t come across these postpartum belly wrap products until it is too late.

They come to me around 6-8 months postpartum asking me if they can still get good results for wearing it this late after having a baby. My answer to these women is no, you can’t get any benefit from wearing a postpartum belly wrap after 4 months.

The reason for this is because the uterus has naturally stopped contracting and decreasing in size around 4 months postpartum. By this time, the benefits for the postpartum belly wrap are no longer in effect. 

Wearing the Postpartum Belly Wrap on Day 1

I also get the question why can’t I wear the postpartum belly wrap on day 1 after having a baby. I recommend not doing this for several reasons. 

Basically to sum it all up, so much is happening in the hospital the first 48 hours.  The nurses are doing fundal checks (pushing on your belly) around the clock.

You are possibly also trying to learn to breastfeed for the first time with your baby. A belly wrap will just complicate things and get in the way.

Belly wraps also interfere with skin to skin contact, and we all know how important that is.

It’s best to focus on healing and breastfeeding first before bothering with a postpartum belly wrap.

Let your body adjust naturally the first 48 hours so doctors and nurses can get a clearer picture on how your uterus is doing (without the effects of the belly wrap in play).

Once you are discharged and cleared by your doctor to go home, that’s a good/safe time to wear the postpartum belly wrap!

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How Many Hours A Day Should I Wear The Postpartum Belly Wrap?

I recommend you gradually increase the amount of time wearing your postpartum belly wrap at first. It’s a progression. Don’t wear it all day the first day, it will cause pain and irritation to your skin. 

On the first day, I recommend wearing it for 30 min to 1 hour. If you are feeling good after that, try bumping it up to 1-2 hours.

If you feel good after wearing it for 2 hours, then the next day bump it up to 4 hours. This is how you gradually progress the wear time of the postpartum belly wrap.

Keep track of the time you wear it each day by using this wear time calendar. 

Be sure to track the slow progression each day on the calendar by writing it down. This way you don’t have to make a mistake with your hours.



If you wear it too much too soon, you could have some reactions and irritation to your skin from the belly wrap. Some women even experience pain if they wear it wrong. 

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The slow progression should be about 1-2 hours each day and finish up to 12 hours a day at max. Do not wear it longer than 12 hours a day. Your body and skin need time to rest and adapt to normal conditions. Also, do not wear the wrap at night when you are sleeping. 

What Time Should I Wear The Postpartum Belly Wrap?

If you are wondering what time of day is best to wear the wrap, it does not matter. What matters most is the length of time you wear the wrap. So pick the time of day that is easiest for you to wear it. 

If you happen to want to do two sessions of wearing the postpartum belly wrap during the day, you can. For example, you can wear it for 3 hours in the morning, take it off mid day and wear it for 3 hours in the evening. That’s completely fine as well. 

Like I mentioned, keep track of the amount of hours you are wearing the postpartum belly wrap. Get the calendar out, and make notes of how you feel after you wear the wrap. If you notice pain or irritation, write that down on the calendar. 

How To Wear The Postpartum Belly Wrap

Be sure to wear the wrap over a cami so the wrap is not directly over your skin. You want to avoid increased moisture that might develop from sweating. The moisture between your skin and the wrap can cause irritation.

When wearing the belly wrap correctly, there is no reason you should have any problems, but only great results in your lower belly region. The wrap drastically helps your stomach and uterus to decrease in size through compression and will help you to get a flat stomach quicker after having a baby.

If you want to learn more about what NOT to do with a postpartum belly wrap, be sure to check out this article next. 

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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how long should I wear a postpartum belly wrap

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