Want to learn how to do C-section scar massage? Learn from a physical therapist the best way to heal your c-section incision faster.


How To Do C-section Scar Massage For Faster Healing

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Are you interested in learning how to do C-section scar massage after having a cesarean delivery to help speed up the healing of your incision? There is a strong possibility you were not educated by your doctor on how to take care of your C-section wound and you feel lost.

I know it can be overwhelming to take care of your baby and take care of your C-section incision at the same time. Both are a must! So be sure you don’t neglect your scar and then months later regret the lack of attention you gave to it. You can suffer from some major side effects from the buildup of scar tissue.

Your scar can heal faster, have less pain and the buildup of scar tissue can be decreased if you do this one thing: scar massage.

In this article you will learn from me, a physical therapist, how to properly perform scar massages on yourself so you can improve the healing of your C-section scar and, ultimately, have lasting effects for a lifetime.

Don’t skip this very important step of your postpartum healing.

Why You Should Massage Your C-Section Scar

Like I just mentioned, C-section scar massage is crucial to improving the healing of your scar. You may be wondering why that is. If you don’t do a scar massage you will have the increased risk of these following problems (that may even develop 10-15 years later):

1. Bladder frequency

The first issue is bladder frequency; it’s a condition that makes you feel like you have to pee all the time. The scar tissue from the incision forms and adheres to the uterus and the bladder.

 2. Pain with Intercourse

The second issue is deep thrusting pain with intercourse. This can be completely avoided if scar massage is introduced earlier on in your postpartum recovery.

 3. Low back pain

Finally, the third issue is low back pain where the scar tissue can cause tightness. This tightness can pull the uterus forward and thus the sacrum can be pulled out of alignment. This can occur on one side of your body and can lead to SI dysfunction in your SI joint (sacroilliac joint).

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What Are The Benefits Of C-Section Scar Massage?

Of course, the main benefit to doing C-section scar massage (also known as scar mobilizations) is to promote healing and improve the look and feel of your scar. Once your incision has healed and you are at least three weeks past your surgery, talk with your healthcare provider about starting a regular scar massage routine.

It can help flatten and improve the appearance of your scar over time. Scar massage helps to make your scar softer as well. Another benefit to scar massage is that it reduces pain and it can even reduce itching. Itching is a common side effect to C-sections, so before applying creams, try doing scar massage. 

When Should You Start Doing C-Section Scar Massage?

Before going into the details on how to do C-section scar massage, let’s first review when you should start doing C-section scar massage

Do not start prior to 3 weeks postpartum. It’s recommended at 3 weeks postpartum you can begin because your scar is healed by then. But always get approval by your doctors before starting a scar massage on yourself.

Plus, it’s important that you are healing at the normal rate. Some moms heal slower than others, and that’s ok. You want to make sure your body is ready before starting.

And the good news is, you can do a scar massage at any time postpartum, whether that’s 3 weeks or 3 years postpartum. There is always a benefit to breaking up scar tissue no matter how old it is. 

But there are other reasons why you should not start a scar massage just yet…

Who Should Avoid Doing C-Section Scar Massage?

It’s important to talk with your healthcare provider before starting  scar massage as part of your daily routine. You want to  avoid scar massage if the scar:

  • Is less than three weeks old
  • Is an open incision or cut
  • Is showing signs of infection (ex: increasing pain, redness, pus drainage, or bad odor)
  • Noticeable complications of any kind

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How To Do C-Section Scar Massage

If you are ready to learn how to get rid of your C-section scar tissue through scar massage, let’s dive right in. Remember, this is the ultimate way to get your C-section scar to heal faster so be sure to incorporate these massage techniques into your daily routine for best results. 

Scar Massage During Early Stages Of Healing (New Incision)

If you have a new incision (remember not to do this technique before your 3 week post-surgical date) you are going to work above and below the incision.

First start by lying down in a comfortable place where your body is flat and relaxed. You can bend your knees for comfort.

Work in a gentle motion with your fingers side to side. Do not push hard but have gentle pressure. Go side to side and also move in an up and down motion. But remember, do not lift your fingers off your skin. Keep your finger tips in contact with your skin the entire time. 

Perform for 1-5 minutes as you are comfortable. Repeat the same below the incision.  Move your fingers up and down and side to side without lifting your fingertips off of your skin. Do the same message to the right and left side of your incision.

If you are having increased burning and pain during this massage, ease up a bit on the pressure and use gentle movements. If you are tolerating it rather well, push a little harder and deeper if you can. It’s whatever you can tolerate the most.

Once you master that, start to go in a circular motion.  This helps to break up the tissue that may have been missed. Move in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Perform these circular motions all around the incision itself. 

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How To Do C-section Scar Massage For Faster Healing

Scar Massage Afer Your Incision Has Fully Healed (Later Stages)


If your incision is completely healed and you do not have any complications and your doctor has given you approval, you may begin this next technique for scar massage.

Put your fingers directly on the incision itself. Push down as far as you can tolerate. Move your fingers side to side using small movements to start. And then as you get more comfortable, do bigger movements side to side. Next you want to do up and down movements. Fingertips stay in place on the incision itself but move the skin up and down. 

The deeper you push, the deeper you break up the scar tissue that is within the different layers of your skin. 

It can take several weeks for you to get accustomed to the pressure and will take time to tolerate, but try your best!

Gradually increase the amount of time and pressure with each massage session.

Lastly, you want to take the skin and pinch it. Roll the skin between your fingertips and break up the scar tissue. Move across your incision working your way along the entire scar. Spend more time on the areas that feel thicker and harder. 

Remember that you are pinching and rolling across the entire incision.

Roll back and forth deeper and deeper to get to the third layer of your skin for healing. 

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How To Do C-section Scar Massage For Faster Healing

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