Here you’ll find the best outdoor workout routines without equipment. Whether you’re a beginner or not, exercising outside is always more fun (and more challenging)!

7 Outdoor Workout Routines Without Equipment - For Women

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Are you looking for the best outdoor workout routines without any equipment needed? And are you looking for different exercises to do outdoors this summer to change things up a bit from your normal indoor workout routine?

It can get rather boring over the winter months working out in the same spot every day from your home. Step outside your front door and the workouts get 1,000 times better.

You could be doing the same squats and push-ups, but just getting that fresh air and sunshine beating down on your face makes all the difference for a more effective workout.

So if you are ready to smash your summer workout goals, let’s get right into these top 7 outdoor workout routines for women – no equipment needed!

Outdoor Mommy and Me Stroller Workout with baby or toddler

1. Mommy and Me Outdoor Stroller Workout With Baby or Toddler


Do you own a stroller? I’m going to guess you said yes.

Great, because now there’s no excuse to workout with your kids because you can get a great workout in with your baby or toddler relaxing, napping or snacking in the stroller.

Check out the details of this Mommy and Me stroller workout here.

10 minute ab workout at home

2. Advanced 10 Minute Ab Workout Outdoors With A Spider Swing


Spider swings are becoming more and more popular because they are awesome!!

Why am I talking about spider swings in this outdoor workout post?

Well, because it’s a great yoga mat for ab workouts! For real, you can lie down on the spider swing, extend your legs and arms out and your abs will be on fire.

And the feel of the wind blowing past you as you swing back and forth is so refreshing.

If you don’t have a spider swing, just do this workout on the ground! No equipment necessary.

Check out the details of this full ab workout on a spider swing here. 

mommy and me outdoor workout routine

3. The Ultimate Driveway Mommy and Me Leg Workout


Alright, alright, you don’t have a spider swing and you don’t want to lie down on the ground to do abs. No worries because this next workout only requires a driveway!

You have a driveway, right?

If not, maybe you have a sidewalk near your apartment. A parking lot…

Well, find a place outside that is flat and gives you enough space to move around and let’s get you ready to do this Mommy and Me driveway workout for your legs.

Trust me, by the time this workout is done your quads will be quivering.

So hold your baby tightly in your wrap or baby carrier and let’s get started. Click here for the driveway Mommy and Me workout.

Not only is this driveway workout great for toning your legs, but covering more ground will give you a cardio workout as an added bonus.

4. Effective 30 Minute HIIT Running Workout Outside


Do you love to run? Or maybe you did before having your baby and you haven’t done it in quite some time.

Well, let’s get you running again. Here is one of the best HIIT running workouts I have found that will get your heart pumping.

The circuit takes 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

To complete the workout, you’ll need 20 minutes total, but if this style of workout is new for you, just do one circuit of 3:30 minutes and then the next day do 7 minutes of the workout. Progress from there.

Learn the details of this HIIT running workout here.

Park bench outdoor workout routine without equipment

5. Park Bench Workout To Tone and Tighten Your Entire Body

Outdoor workout routine without equipment stairs

6. Stair Circuit Scorcher Workout

Maybe you want to stay home instead of heading out to the local park. Do you have stairs outside your home?

Maybe a full flight of stairs to your front door? Living here in Pittsburgh with all the hills, most houses have tons of stairs to get to the entrance of the home.

Let’s use these stairs for your outdoor workout. I love this stair workout because it targets the entire body. Give this workout a try today. Click here to get the stair workout routine. 


7-Day Lean Legs Challenge-7 Minute Leg Workout

7. 7-Day Lean Legs Workout Challenge


This 7-Day Lean Leg Challenge is a great beginner leg challenge for women who want to get started with leg strengthening but don’t have any equipment.

This leg challenge can be done indoors or outdoors and it only takes 7 minutes each day for 7 days to complete. Rather simple.

I love this lower body challenge as a starting challenge before beginning a more advanced workout routine.

If you love challenges to help you reach your goals, then I highly recommend doing this 30-Day Beginner Ab Challenge that only takes 3 minutes to start on day 1.

Learn more and join the ab challenge here. 

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

*It is important to always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program and get medical clearance. Always warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts. and Jena Bradley will be not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at home, gym or elsewhere. Perform exercises at your own risk.

7 Outdoor Workout Routines Without Equipment - For Women

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