A good workout challenge is one that will actually challenge you and help you accomplish your goals. Get the 6 best workout challenges for moms here.


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What makes a good workout challenge? Well, a whole lot of things. But the most important thing is making sure the workout challenge actually works.

How do you know if the workout challenge is going to work?

Well, there’s one important element that the best workout challenges encompass. And that is progression!

If you want to be challenged and challenged beyond your comfort zone (beyond your limits), you want to choose a workout challenge that progresses you day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month.


Are you looking for a good workout challenge that will actually “challenge” you so you can see some change in your psyche, change in your energy levels and change in your habits? Then keep reading to get the best workout challenges for women and specifically moms.

30-Day Postpartum Ab Challenge

This is my all time fan favorite! The postpartum ab challenge is the epitome of progression. It starts really easy, really simple and really slow. It’s not overwhelming for the new mom to take on, and it gives you a boost of confidence starting from day 1.

But after that, the progression will begin and you will continue to add to your workout routine with each additional week. It’s all about the core! And what new mom doesn’t want to restore their core after 9 months of pregnancy? 


Who is this for: the 6 week postpartum mom and beyond, the mom who is ready to say adios to their postpartum pouch and say hello to a new found confidence.

Get the 30-Day Postpartum Ab Challenge here.

30-Day Beginner Ab Challenge


This beginner ab challenge is popular among many women, moms of all stages and even some men! It’s a great ab challenge for those moms who have graduated from the postpartum ab challenge but are not quite ready to go full force into a regular ab workout routine.

This challenge is to prepare you for that. It only requires less than 10 minutes a day and the progression is extremely manageable, not intimidating at all. The goal is to enjoy the workout, not to die from it.


Who is this for: the determined mom who is ready to step it up a notch. 

Get the 30-Day Beginner Ab Challenge here.

7-Day Beginner Ab Challenge

Maybe the 30-Day Beginner Ab Challenge is too large of a challenge to tackle. You may be thinking, “There’s no way I can commit to something that lasts 30-days,” but you need a boost to help you go in the right direction when it comes to strengthening your abs.

The 7-Day Beginner Ab Challenge is a great jumpstart to forming new healthy habits. The 7-Day challenges are more manageable in your world. You know you can commit to 7-days, and you know you can accomplish 7-days of workouts.

So with that said, it’s reassuring that the 7-Day challenge will work for you. And the best part about the 7-Day challenge is that it only takes 7 minutes long and only includes 7 ab exercises. So if you are looking for something that is simple and easy to remember, this is the challenge for you.


Who is this for: the busy mom who’s in the fast lane looking for the best possible way for success

Get the 7-Day Beginner Ab Challenge here.

10-Day Total Body Workout Challenge

This is my favorite challenge, because it’s geared for pregnant and postpartum moms. And the best part about this workout is it’s completely safe for these women to do as they get closer to delivery day and after they are cleared from their doctor to work out.

If you ever feel lost and don’t know what to do with your workouts as a mom (pregnant or postpartum), this is my go-to workout for you. It covers all major body regions including your legs, arms, core and heart (aka: cardio workouts). This challenge is the whole package.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, it only requires 10 minutes of your time a day. 10 for 10 is what this challenge used to be called: 10 minutes a day for 10 days. Completely doable!


Who is this for: The pregnant or postpartum mom who wants to stay healthy but is not able to commit to a regularly scheduled workout program of high intensity. 

Get the 10-Day Total Body Workout Challenge here. 

7-Day Lean Legs Challenge

The target focus is on the legs. Leg exercises for 7-Days and for 7 minutes each day. Not a lot of complexity in this workout, but the great thing is you make it what you want.

You choose to progress, to do more reps, to go deeper, to push harder. There’s always room for improvement, and in this workout your limits are endless. Set a timer or follow along to the workout video and give it your all.


Who is this for: the woman who wants to fully target every major muscle group in her lower body. 

Get the 7-Day Lean Leg Challenge here.

7-Day Strong Arms Challenge

It’s time to see how strong you really are. Don’t worry, we aren’t doing any pull ups in this arm workout challenge, but we will be focusing on exercises for toning and helping your arms to look more lean. Keep in mind this is a beginner arm workout challenge, but you can always progress the difficulty just by adding weights. The options are endless.

The most important thing to remember is to not stay stagnant, but progress through each day. That progress is what’s going to get you results.


Who is this for: The woman who knows that health is important and wants a strong arm to hold her littlest but also understands that time is short.

Get the 7-Day Strong Arm Challenge here. 

Which Workout Challenge Is Right For You?

There you have it. The best workout challenges for moms. Which one will you choose? Which one fits your needs the most?

30-Day Postpartum Ab Challenge

30-Day Beginner Ab Challenge

7-Day Beginner Ab Challenge

10-Day Total Body Workout Challenge

7-Day Lean Legs Challenge

7-Day Strong Arms Challenge

Click on the challenges listed above to learn more and sign up to get your printable workout calendar. Or get the full collection in one handbook: The Challenger



 It’s always better to work out in pairs; share the challenge with your friend and let’s see who can commit to the challenge the longest. Not sure where to start? I recommend starting with the 10-Day Total Body Workout Challenge.

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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how long should I wear a postpartum belly wrap

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