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Physical Therapist and mom of 4 amazing little girls here to give you the best tips on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum recovery and how fitness can play an important role in your mommy lifestyle! I love Jesus, chocolate, my family, traveling and being outdoors enjoying nature. 🌺

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“Dr. Jena’s blog was a huge help when I was recovering from my first pregnancy. I have really enjoyed reading Postpartum Ab Rehab now that I am pregnant with my second child. I know that I will be able to use this 12 week program to recover even faster than the first time, in a safe and healthy way.” -Jessica

“I found Postpartum Ab Rehab late in my postpartum recovery journey, but what I have learned from reading this book is invaluable. The program is simple to follow and the exercises are excellent for targeting the right muscles to restore my core.” – Ashley

“This Postpartum Ab Rehab Book is amazing! Jena does such a great job of breaking down each step from day of delivery to beyond your 6 week check up.  The nerd in me even loves the little pockets of anatomy lessons throughout. The exercises she gives, the pictures, and worksheets she includes are all so helpful with postpartum recovery because we all know postpartum recovery can be forever if not done right the first time.”  -Valerie