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I think this quote is hilarious! Every time I read it, I just laugh because I can so relate.


“My House Isn’t Messy… It’s Custom Designed By A 2 Year Old!” -Unknown


Since I currently have a two year old (and have two older children that have gone through the toddler stage not too long ago), I completely understand why someone wrote this quote.


All I gotta say is, if you have a two year old (or a toddler for that matter), your house, well, it’s going to be a bit different than your friends’ and family members’ houses. 


Why? Well, because that two year old deserves to live in a house suitable for a child.


A house that allows freedom to explore, a house that won’t put your child in danger, a house that is comfortable for the entire family to live in 24/7.


It’s not just your house anymore, it’s your kid’s house too.


Design Your Home With Your Toddler In Mind 


White fabric furniture and sharp glass tables are not a priority when it comes to decorating a home with your little one living inside it.


For me, a childproof home allows for a more relaxed life!


Bumpers on every sharp corner, special collectibles put up high on shelves (where no one can really see it), toy bins everywhere (with not one toy in sight in it or around it), laminate floors instead of beautifully polished hardwood (scratches, who cares), crayon on walls (custom artwork is the best) and IKEA kiddy tables and chairs are far more colorful, comfortable and stylish than our dining room set.

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    This is a phase and it too shall pass.

    For now, let’s enjoy the custom decor our 2 year old inspired us to have in our home. And remember, there will be a time when you get to shop for luxury furniture. But when that times comes, you’ll probably be reminiscing of the days when your 2 year old spilled his milk all over the new sectional!

    Keep Smiling,

    Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT

    This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


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