Motivational Monday 28: You Don’t Have To

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I have really enjoyed motivating a lot of pregnant women lately on the topic of childbirth.

For some of you first time moms, you probably have a laundry list of questions. I completely understand. I was there once, and I was the kind of girl that asked 1,000 questions in under a minute (ha ha, a slight exaggeration, but you can imagine).

I wanted to know…

What is it going to feel like to give birth to my baby?

How does the baby actually fit in order to come out?

How intense is the pain going to be?

How will I feel after delivering my baby?

Am I going to have the same painful experience that my friend had?

I could go on and on with the questions I had when I became pregnant for the first time.

But this is a good list of examples of some of the thoughts I had.

Do you have similar questions as I once did?

It’s ok if you said “yes” because you need to ask a lot of questions in order to have all the answers, and having the answers is what’s going to give you confidence. Having confidence is what will eliminate fear. And when you eliminate fear, you will eliminate the pain that is perceived by most women during childbirth.

Today’s quote is: 

“You don’t have to come out of childbirth saying it was the most painful thing you have ever experienced.” 

Even though what we see on movies, medical tv shows and social media typically portrays childbirth as the most painful and horrible thing any woman can experience, that’s not the case at all.

Please, please get those thoughts, images and ideas out of your head right now and tell yourself that it is not how it’s supposed to be.

You can come out of childbirth saying it wasn’t painful at all or the pain wasn’t as bad as it seems in the movies. But childbirth should not get the label as the most painful thing you have ever experienced as a woman.

Pain is a perception and we all have different pain tolerances. We can train our body and mind to perceive pain differently. It’s rather remarkable.

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    Take the time to be prepared and understand the birthing process in order to improve your awareness and reduce your fear of childbirth.

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    Have you heard the phrase “knowledge is power”?

    Get to know your body and what it’s capable of. You are capable of childbirth and childbirth does not have to be painful. It can be beautiful! And that day you deliver your baby can be the most beautiful experience you have ever had.

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      Can I help You With Your Childbirth Question?


      You all have enjoyed hearing about my experiences with my natural childbirth for all four of my pregnancies. I am so glad you have taken such a huge interest in this because I so love to tell you my stories about what I went through with childbirth.

      I want to continue to give you detailed information that will inevitably help you to have a wonderful childbirth experience so that you can feel fully prepared for when that day comes.

      If you have any questions related to this topic you can always contact me on my contacts page here.  Also, feel free to leave a question or comment in the comment section below.

      What is your one BIG question you have about childbirth? What are you most unsure of?

      By the way, you can find this quote within the post “How To Be Fearless During Natural Childbirth,” which is where this quote originated from.  Here you will learn how to get yourself mentally prepared so that you can experience childbirth fearlessly!

      Keep Smiling,

      Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT

      This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


      About Dr. Jena Bradley

      About Dr. Jena Bradley

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      1. Allie Edwards

        Jena you are so right! My first chirldbirth was exactly the opposite of everything I had planned, I ended up having the epidural and got induced. (Rattled my world a bit for a planner like me) Recovery was the hardest part, not birth. 2nd time all natural. I got lucky but it was easy, I breathed her out… zero pushes. recovery was almost nothing. The difference was knowledge and preparation.

        • Jena Bradley

          Allie, love hearing success stories with natural childbirth. Way to go! And yes, knowledge and preparation is such a big factor in the whole childbirth thing!


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