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POSTPARTUM ABS 101: How To Safely Start Postpartum Ab Exercises

I’m going LIVE on Monday, January 10th, 2022 at 2:00pm EST. 

(plus live Q&A, so bring your questions)

This class is for you if…

✔️   you are in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy looking to get a jumpstart on how to best get rid of the extra baby weight and how to get your pre-pregnancy body back

✔️   you are in the 4th Trimester (newly postpartum) ready to finally get rid of your postpartum pooch

✔️   you have a baby that is younger than 1 year old and you’re afraid the postpartum tummy is going to be stuck there forever

✔️   if you have no idea how to begin strengthening your core after pregnancy and want to learn how to do it the right way, the safe way from a medical professional.

✔️   you are a busy, tired and worn out mom who just wants to do the simplest yet most effective postpartum exercises.

If you answered yes to any of these, then this FREE training workshop is made for YOU!

In this BRAND NEW training you’ll learn:

Lesson #1

Why postpartum exercise is so important in a new mom’s life.

Lesson #2

The 4 biggest myths to postpartum workouts.

Lesson #3

How to get started with postpartum ab exercise the right way.

Lesson #4

The #1 postpartum ab exercise (recommended by physical therapists).

Lesson #5

A signature method to postpartum ab healing.

Meet Dr. Jena Bradley

Jena Bradley

Dr. Jena Bradley is a full time mom and physical therapist who runs a pregnancy and postpartum health and fitness blog, Live Core Strong. Through her blog, Dr. Jena has successfully blended two facets of her life, motherhood and physical therapy, to create a helpful resources for the next generation of health-minded moms. Her medical background and experience as a mom give her a strong platform to share real life knowledge with her followers.

She graduated in 2009 with a doctorate from the #1 ranked physical therapy school at The University of Pittsburgh. Shortly thereafter, she became a wife and mother. Currently she lives in the Pittsburgh area where she raises four beautiful little girls with her husband, Darren.

Dr. Jena is a faithful servant of God and is active in the Women’s and Children’s Ministry at her church. She loves chocolate and will always choose hot chocolate over a cup of coffee. Spending meaningful time outdoors with her family is what brings her the most joy in life.


The program is structured so you start with low intensity exercises and work your way up with more reps and longer sessions. It is nice to have something that is safe and reviewed by a medical professional.” -Kathryn

“Dr. Bradley’s program is full of insight and inspiration to get you back in shape after having your baby. With clear step-by-step instructions she guides you towards a healthy core and a happy mindset.”   -Vanessa

Start feeling strong enough and energized again to take on anything that #momlife brings your way.

Ready to feel confident again… because it’s about to happen real soon. 

Let’s do this!

POSTPARTUM ABS 101: The Safest Way To Start Postpartum Ab Exercises

Monday, January 10th at 2:00pm EST