Dr. Jena Bradley


Physical Therapist, blogger, author, YouTuber, coach and, most importantly, mom of 4. 


Are you overwhelmed, busy, confused and lost in your new life as as mom?

Is your main goal to feel stronger and be fit now more than ever since you had a baby?

Are you struggling to find a routine that works well with your new mom life, and you just can’t make any progress?

Do you feel like you are coming up short with your results despite your hard work and effort?

Did you say “Yes” to any of these?

Then keep reading…


If you are ready to finally live the mom life you have always wanted to live: healthy, fit, nourished, happy and present, then you have come to the right place.

It’s time to put the excuses in the trash, take them to the curb and be done with them for good. Now’s the time to get serious about being intentional with your healthy mom journey and start seeing a transformation.

Being a mom can be overwhelming because of the infinite amount of information that is out there; but is that information right for you? It’s entirely possible to achieve what you want as a mom by having the right tools and information specifically geared towards your unique needs and lifestyle.

Dr. Jena tells you exactly what to do,

what to avoid and gives you the

most effective ways to get your pre-baby belly back!



1:1 Coaching 6 Session Package

Hi there, I’m Jena

Physical Therapist and mom of 4 amazing little girls who loves Jesus and all things chocolate. I’m always happiest being outdoors.🌺

I help pregnant and postpartum MOMS

find the easy way

to achieve their fitness goals

and live a joy-filled life

that will actually fulfill their desire to be the healthiest version
of themselves even while raising children.

FYI: I thrive off progress. Actionable steps lead to goals met. No fluff…we don’t have time to waste.

Here’s how I can help YOU right now.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching Calls With Dr. Jena

You’ll get my complete attention for an entire 60 minute call geared towards your needs focusing on your transformation.


Identifying The Limitations In Your Life

Together we will identify the areas that are most limiting to you and find the best ways to overcome them in the quickest way possible.


Creating Realistic, Healthy Goals

I’ll create actionable steps you can take to realistically achieve your goals and, ultimately, get the results you have always wanted but never could get on your own.

Ready for coaching?


1:1 Coaching 6 Session Package